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MLB Betting Guide: What We Learned from the First Half of MLB 2019 Season

8 June 2019

MLB is quickly approaching midway through the season and it has been an interesting one to say the least. So, if you are wondering which teams you should put your money on for the rest of the season, here’s a quick guide for betting on MLB baseball.

MLB Betting Guide - 2nd Half of the Season

Leading off is American League sports talk!

As the defending World Series champs, the Red Sox are looking more and more as a .500 team, bound to miss the playoffs. As a result, the AL East is up for grabs with a real dog fight between the Yankees and the much improved Tampa Bay Rays.

Stay away from the BoSox? Nah, historically teams tend to bounce back from sluggish starts after winning the World Series.

Betting on Boston should be a good call, as well as TB and the Yankees. Oh, let’s not forget about Baltimore, the worst record in the majors with the worst DIFF by a mile...

AL Central had only one team over .500 last season: Cleveland. The Indians are now chasing likely the most improved team of 2019: Minnesota.

Not often a team can have a 10+ game lead over 2nd place before the All Star break but the Twins are accomplishing that. Second half, well, not so much.

The Twins should still win the division but won’t likely be as dominant as they are right now. Avoid betting on the Twins, especially towards the end of the regular season.

The west is not so wild, at least when it comes to AL West. Houston continues to dominate the division with state rivals Texas on deck, fighting for a wild card spot. A good betting advice here is to bet on whoever is playing Seattle as the Mariners are struggling to win games.

Let’s talk National League now and see how things are shaping up for the NL pennant.

It looks like we are going back to the early 2000s as Atlanta and Philadelphia are fighting for first place. The Phillies had a great start of the season but the Braves have played better of late and this should be an interesting one, going down to the wire.

Best betting tips for this division: stay away from Miami. Running hot-and-cold, with crazy losing streaks followed by winning streaks, this is the kind of team which drives bettors insane. Don’t be one of them.

NL Central has also a photo-finish in the making, as both Milwaukee and the Cubs are scrambling for wins to stay atop the division. Don't forget St. Louis, only a few games back and very much alive.

NL Central has been a difficult division for betting in recent years but Pitt seems ready to give up.

From now on, it's going to be safe to bet against the Pirates in most divisional games.

WS runner up, the Los Angeles Dodgers continue to find no rivals out west, completely dominating the division. Colorado seems to be a weaker squad than last season and San Diego’s good start is quickly fading away and turning into another losing season for the Padres.

You can safely bet on LA most of the way but keep in mind there’s a very strong chance they may clinch NL West well before October, so September games might be tricky.

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