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MLB’s Trade Deadline: Betting Impact

30 July 2019

It’s not just the temperatures that are going up in the summer months. The MLB pennant races are starting to heat up and it could get even better.

Tomorrow is MLB’s trade deadline and some teams have already started dealing. But what does that represent to the baseball betting's world moving forward into the end of the regular season and of course into the playoffs?

Well, the playoff picture isn't very clear this season with a bunch of teams scrabbling for a wild card spot. However, one thing is for sure: the Yankees, the Astros, and the Dodgers are sitting in comfortably division leads and are going to be buyers. If these teams acquire player(s) to improve their weaker areas, they should be on your list to place bets on until October.

Looking around the other divisions, things don't look the same way. For example, the NL Central is up for grabs with 3 teams jockeying for the division lead on a daily basis.

Chicago and St. Louis are tied for first place with identical records (56-49).

The Cubs can still be considered the favorites to win the division but the Cardinals seem to be picking up steam and are a good team to put your money on until the end of the season, particularly if they make a move at the trade deadline. Making things better, the Cubbies and the Red Birds play at 3-game series starting tonight.

The Brewers are only one game back from the division lead but, just like the Rangers and the Padres, their season is fading away quickly. Safe to say, stay away from the Brew crew.

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