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NBA Draft Preview

20 June 2019

The 2019 season has just ended but the next season is about to begin. The 2019 NBA Draft is tomorrow and all 30 teams will have the chance to pick up the top basketball prospects from around the world. United Gamblers has a top 5 preview of guys who could be making the difference for your bets in the upcoming season.

Top 5 Picks

1. New Orleans Pelicans: Zion Williamson will be the pick here and the 6’7” Duke forward is walking into a great situation who most 1st overall picks rarely experience. The blockbuster trade with the Lakers that sent Antonio Davis packing returned some nice young players AND the 4th overall pick in this draft.

2. Memphis Grizzlies: The consensus #2 pick is Ja Morant, a 6’3” guard from Murray State. After a heroic showing during the NCAA tournament Morant is primed to head to Memphis who is looking to build around him by shopping veteran point guard Mike Conley. We could very well see the Grizzlies picking close to this spot again in 2020 adding another young piece to play with their new star guard.

3. New York Knicks: If the Knicks stick at this spot, likely we will see RJ Barrett selected. There are rumblings of the Pelicans looking to leverage their #4 pick to move here and select Barret, to pair with Zion Williamson since they were teammates and roommates at Duke together. If he lands with the Knicks, Barrett instantly becomes a top scoring option on an otherwise uninspiring team.

4. New Orleans Pelicans: If the Pelicans can’t execute another big trade to land RJ Barrett, their likely selection would be PG Darius Garland from Vanderbilt, who we could also easily see selected #3 by New York. A perfect compliment to Zion Williamson, Garland is an excellent mid-range and 3-pt shooter, which is incredibly valuable in today’s NBA game. Whichever team lands him will be very pleased.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers: Jarrett Culver from Texas Tech is a 6’6” wing who is a well-rounded player for an again rebuilding Cavs team. Drawing comparisons to Paul George, the Cavs would be lucky to land a prospect with such versatility on both sides of the ball. He is one of those players who we could be talking about in 3-4 years as a top 5 player in the league.

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