Sports Betting is Coming to Maine

25 June 2019

The bill L.D. 553 proposes that bets can be placed at both physical locations such as the state’s existing casinos, in addition to calling for the introduction of both mobile and online betting.

It didn’t take long for another New England state to join the sports betting party. Maine’s legislators have given the first OK to approve a sports betting bill which will allow sports betting at both physical locations as well as online and via mobile.

Senate members voted 19-15 in favor of the bill which, if passed, will add Maine to a long list of states allowing sports betting in the US.

Maine will also follow the path of other NE states. Rhode Island already has sports betting up and running. Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire are all in the process of getting it ready by the end of 2019.

Once the legislation is approved and completed, anyone over the age of 21 will be able to place bets on professional sports and most college sports across the state.

A total of 11 premises will be authorized to apply for on-site sports betting licences including Hollywood Casino in Bangor, and Oxford Casino among some other off-track betting locations.

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