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Welcome to United Gamblers.com, the place to immerse yourself with everything centered on the largest developing gambling industry in the world.

At United Gamblers, it is our aim to help sports bettors and online casino and poker players find the gambling site best suited to their individual needs and location in the US.

With experience in building similar comparison sites in online gambling markets across Europe, Asia, and South America, the team behind United Gamblers have turned their attention to replicating the same success in North America.

What we do

Legal online gambling in the US is on the rise and United Gamblers is the perfect place for the very latest information, rankings, and reviews.

From the latest news on where online gambling is legal and which US gambling sites are safe; to reviews of gambling websites and how to get started with online wagering, we have all bases covered.

We aim to ensure a safe online wagering experience for all US bettors

We aim to ensure a safe online wagering experience for all US bettors. We do this by explaining the legal situation of online gambling in each state and helping players to understand the authorized options available where they reside.

In an industry where the lines remain blurred between legal sites and illegal operators, it is crucial that players understand the benefits of legal online gambling sites and how to tell legitimate and offshore sites apart.

The goal of United Gamblers, ultimately, is to guide players towards licensed gambling sites. We do this by sharing our knowledge of the market and our expertise within the gambling industry as a whole.

Our story

We enjoy gambling online as much as you and have been doing so, safely, for several years.

Over time, as our enjoyment and passion continued, the lack of information around online gambling in the USA became apparent.

We noticed a gap in the market in terms of finding accurate information, from how to open an account, deposit funds, and place a wager but particularly how to remain safe playing online.

Once the sports betting ban was lifted in 2018, we set about trying to help like-minded players make sense of a fast-moving and complex industry the best way possible. And so here we are!

Meet the team



Content writer

Nick is our senior writer and an expert when it comes to the latest online gambling USA news. A passionate writer by choice and profession, Nick is on the ball when it comes to breaking industry developments, particularly the legal side of things. As a self-confessed sports nut, he isn't averse to a weekend wager on his favorite sports himself, though his outrageous NFL parlays rarely land.



Betting expert

When it comes to odds and the latest betting trends, Jacob is your guy. An avid follower of the NHL and other European leagues for many years, Jacob combines his writing abilities with his passion for sports and, in particular, online sports betting. Jacob has a journalism degree and vast experience working in the industry to back up his fountain of betting knowledge.

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When it comes to gambling in the U.S, we could claim to have the secret recipe to ace your bets and keep those chips churning. We could tag ourselves as ‘Kings of Gambling’ and vow to make you heaps of money, as many often do.

But we aren’t interested in making false promises and neither are you.

What you want is industry insight backed up with expertise you won’t find anywhere else. What you also want is a helping hand finding the best sites, for your specific needs. What you want, essentially, is a well-built foundation to house all your gambling needs.

Whether you’re experienced, or, a gambling novice, you can count on us to ensure your gambling experience is as straightforward as possible. Don’t just take our word for it!

Our Business Model

We aim for transparency and that includes informing you of our business model and, ultimately, how we make money.

If you register with one of our listed gambling sites, we will receive a small compensation from that operator.

We use the money to hire the right people to manage the site and keep the product updated and relevant for you, the reader.

Company Information

United Gamblers is owned by Leadstar Media AB, an online lead generation company that focuses on high-quality leads in sports and betting to iGaming operators.

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