For me, sports betting started by entering a sportsbook and turning a $5 bill into $1000.

As you can tell, it was a wager slightly left field and one not expected to bring home the Saturday night Buds.

Beginners luck? Yes, most probably; I had a hunch on how four football games would turn out and, on this occasion, it proved fruitful. No doubt, you can share experiences of friends or family getting the better of the sportsbooks at the first time of asking also.

Yet, while a gut feeling does come off from time-to-time, truth be told, it’s quite seldom this happens.

Therefore, if you’re just kicking off your career in sports betting, it’s best to have a firm grip on what and what not to expect before parting with your bills.

Knowledge of your favourite sport is clearly essential. But as you'll learn this only amounts to a small piece of your armory

In my experience at least, a sound understanding of the industry itself is essential in, not just improving your chances of making dollars on a one-off basis, but doing so over the course of time too.

So, let’s waste no more time in introducing the ‘Beginner’s Guide to U.S Sports betting’, a gift from us at Gamblers United, to you, the reading millions, seeking tips on the world’s fastest-growing betting industry.

What our guide will do

Firstly, this guide will assist you in getting to grips with the basics of sports betting. A beginner setting out to achieve a new skill or undertake a new hobby requires the right information at the right time.

Thus, we won’t be overloading you with the heavy stuff to begin with. With each chapter, it’s our aim to gradually build your fountain of knowledge to the point where you’re in peak condition to compete to the best you can, just like a runner training for their first marathon.

Of course, the guide isn’t geared solely towards betting novices. More experienced bettors wanting snippets of information regarding a specific aspect of sports betting can also drop in and out as they wish. After all we’re one for all, not all for one at United Gamblers.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect:

Chapter 1: What is sports betting and why should I bet?

We get the ball rolling by asking and answering obvious but equally important questions.

    Chapter 2: What are odds?

    An essential part of betting is making sense of the odds and how they’re displayed. It’s alright, we know numbers can be hard to swallow but you can bet on us making the experience fairly digestible!

      Chapter 3: Betting markets

      Variety is the spice of life. And your betting game. There’s more to just calling the winner of a game as you’ll discover in this chapter.

        Chapter 4: In-play sports betting

        In a new world of sports betting, the ability to wager on live games is one many are still getting used to. We shed light on what you can expect and how to play ‘the new way’.

        Chapter 5: Sports betting features

        A bettor has never had it so good is a motto you’ll hear time and again. But what’s changed and how can I apply it to my betting? Read on to learn more about the features you won’t want to miss out on.

          Chapter 6: Choosing the best sports betting site for beginners

          ‘What should I look for when choosing a sports betting site?’ is a typical question, not just for betting newbies but experienced folk too in this ever-evolving industry. We get to the crux of what you need to keep your eyes peeled for.

            Chapter 7: How do betting bonuses work?

            What does a ‘First Deposit Match Bonus for 100% up to $250’ actually mean? This chapter works through the gobbledygook of betting bonuses and gives advice on how to make the most of such offers.

            Chapter 8: Creating a betting account

            A straightforward process they say. But is this really the case? We throw a few pointers your way to ensure you’re all set up and ready to bet in next to no time.