Is sports betting legal in my state?

From Arkansas to Maryland and New York to Wyoming here's the latest legal sports betting situation in your state.

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Last updated March 17, 2020

Several state legislatures halted in Georgia, Kentucky, and Missouri; Legal sports betting moves forward in Maryland

Where does my state stand on legal sports betting?

Seventeen states have launched regulated sports betting in some form since May 2018 and many more are seeking to enact proposed bills.

Whether your state is up and running, legal but not yet live, considering a bill or ruled the idea out completely, here's the sports betting situation in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Legal US Online Gambling: At a glance

Full-scale online & mobile sports betting 📱

Limited online & mobile sports betting 📱⚠️

*In order of launch

Retail sports betting only 🧱


  • Not yet legal ❌

HB 315 was introduced in April 2019. The bill would create the Alabama Sports Wagering Commission to regulate the industry and allow for wagering on professional and collegiate events. Little movement since.


  • Not yet legal ❌

It seems there’s no stopping the legal sports betting juggernaut! Even one of the least gambling industry-friendly states is set to join the ever-growing list with a sports betting bill active. Alaska sports betting would be operated by a yet-to-be-created, Alaska Lottery Corporation that would allow for any type of lottery game and feature sports betting. With there no land-based casinos in The Last Frontier, the market would primarily focus online.


  • Not yet legal ❌

Introduced in February 2019, SB 1163 would legalize sports betting in Arizona. But the law would be for the state’s Indian tribes only.


  • Sports betting legal and live but limited to physical sportsbooks only ⚠️

      It’s possible to bet over the counter in The Natural State - legal sports betting officially launched on July 1, 2019, at Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort. Mobile sports wagering is not part of the framework at present.


      • Not yet legal ❌

        The most populous state in the US is making a push for legal sports betting in 2020. California's tribal representatives are lobbying to get a sports betting referendum on the November 2020 ballot. However, the tribes remain opposed to the idea of mobile betting which is the real money maker.

        California edging closer to legal sports betting

        14 November 2019

        No, this is not a typo! The Golden State is in the mix for legal sports betting Read more


        • Legal, waiting to go live 🔜

          The Centennial State became number 19 to legalize sports betting in November 2019. The legislative framework, which includes online mobile betting, cannot officially launch before May 1, 2020. The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission is in the process of approving sports betting licenses.


          • Not yet legal ❌

            Try as they might, the lawmakers in the Nutmeg State are being held up in their attempt to legalize sports betting. A three-way lawsuit involving the tribal casinos, MGM Resorts and the Department of the Interior (DOI) needs to be resolved before sports betting becomes a possibility.


            • Sports betting legal and live but limited to physical sportsbooks only ⚠️

              As one of five states exempt from the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, basic NFL parlay betting was possible before the federal ban was overturned. The First State then acted by name pipping New Jersey to the post and expanding its gambling framework. There’s no mobile wagering though.


              • Not yet legal ❌

                Not one, not two but three bills were filed November 18, 2019, going to show the appetite for sports betting in Florida. The proposed bills would allow for online betting, overseen by the state’s lottery. However, the Seminole tribe retains a great deal of power when it comes to gambling laws.


                Not yet legal ❌

                Sports betting in Georgia has hit a major brick wall after the two bills being discussed missed the legislative deadline. Under the bills, on-site mobile sports betting would have been permitted (on the say-so of each county) but those plans appear over for the time being.


                • Not yet legal ❌

                  A 21-page bill was proposed in January 2019 that’d permit regulated sports gambling through a private entity.


                  • Gambling prohibited 🚫

                    State law prohibits gambling and no sports betting legislation has been put forward. Next to no chance of introducing a legal industry.


                    • Sports betting legal and live but limited to physical sportsbooks only ⚠️

                    Legal sports betting is officially underway in the Prairie State, just in time for March Madness. The first legal wager - placed on White Sox to win the American League Pennant - was accepted at BetRivers Sportsbook at the Rivers Casino on March 9. As has been typical in other legal states, it’s purely retail first with mobile sports wagering to follow later down the line (believed to be eighteen months from now). Importantly mobile sports betting apps will be available to use statewide when it does arrive.

                    Illinois Inching Towards Finish Line

                    6 June 2019

                    The Prairie state is set to take control of the sports betting scene in the mid-West, pipping Iowa and Indiana to the post. Read more


                    • Full-scale mobile and retail sports betting legal and live ✅

                      The launch of sports betting in Indiana was seamless. From being signed into law on May 8, 2019, to launch day on September 1, the whole process took a little over four months to complete. The Hoosier State became only the fourth state to offer full-scale mobile wagering (in-person and mobile).


                      • Mobile sports betting legal and live but restricted to in-person registration ⚠️

                        In time for the football season, Iowa kicked off with both retail and mobile sports betting on August 15, 2019, barely three months after legalizing the industry. The deal comes with one proviso - until the first day of 2021, bettors must register for mobile betting accounts in-person.

                        That’s how it’s done! Iowa launch sports betting

                        15 August 2019

                        Introducing the sports betting capital of the Midwest! Read more


                        • Not yet legal ❌

                        The outlook for legal betting in Kentucky appears bright after the state senate passed a sports betting bill that will allow for retail and statewide mobile wagering. As part of the legislation, revenue from online sports wagering will be taxed at 10%, brick-and-mortar casinos at 7.5%. Betting on high school sporting events will be off the menu as per the framework set to be overseen by the Kansas Lottery.


                        • Not yet legal ❌

                          Despite making plans to legalize sports betting before 2018, the Bluegrass State finds itself without legal sports wagering. But Kentucky sports betting stands a better chance in 2020 under a new state Governor pro-gambling. The bill will require in-person registration and for the time being, doesn’t include betting on collegiate teams in KY.


                          • Not yet legal ❌

                            Despite attempts to get the proposed bill moving, sports betting in Louisiana remains some way off. Even when/if a sports betting comes to pass and a plan for a gambling expansion is in place, a referendum may still be needed for state residents to approve. Expect some movement during the next legislative session beginning in Spring.


                            • Not yet legal ❌

                              It looks like Maine will not be getting legal sports betting after all! Following Gov. Mills' decision to veto legalized sports betting in early January (2020), it had been hoped the House could overturn the decision. However, with the U-turn failing to get the votes required, the original decision stands. Considering how far down the line sports betting in Maine progressed, the latest news is hugely disappointing and compounded by the likelihood of having to start over in 2021.


                              Not yet legal ❌

                              Take cover because the Maryland sports betting pendulum is in full swing! And not many know where it will land. From what we’ve learned though, the bill will be on the November ballot where state voters will get the chance to approve, or not. If the bill is enacted, Maryland can look forward to statewide mobile wagering and retail sports betting at the state’s six casinos.


                              • Not yet legal ❌

                                Will the wait and see approach sports betting taken by legislators in The Bay State during 2019 continue through 2020? It’s looking that way. Despite rival states, New Hampshire and Rhode Island rolling out mobile betting apps and an attractive looking bill that would not require operators to link-up with a brick and mortar casino, there appears no real rush to push legislation through.


                                • Sports betting legal and live but limited to physical sportsbooks only ⚠️

                                The 20th state to pass sports betting in December, Michigan, will this week launch legal sports betting. Bettors in the Wolverine State will be able to place bets at three land-based casinos in time for March Madness but will have to wait until 2021 at the earliest to gamble online. The timeframe is necessary to finalize rules required to regulate gambling online and follows the unofficial ‘land before online’ approach a large number of states have opted for.


                                • Not yet legal ❌

                                  The issue of sports betting remains difficult while the state’s tribes continue to oppose the idea. A draft bill failed to get off the ground in May 2019 and there has been next-to-no movement since.


                                  • Retail and mobile sports betting legal and live but limited to on-site wagering ⚠️

                                    Since Mississippi sports betting launched in August 2018, bettors have been restricted to on-site wagering. Unsurprisingly, this has had a negative bearing on revenue generated. But it seems state legislators have been casting an envious eye at the prosperous mobile markets in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A new bill has been filed that would legalize full online and mobile MS sports betting and allow bettors to gamble from anywhere in state lines. The chance to capitalize on bordering states and attract sports bettors from Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana - all without mobile sports betting - is thought to be a key factor for the decision to expand online wagering in full.


                                    • Not yet legal ❌

                                      With two bills on the table, there’s real hope of Missouri introducing sports betting in 2020: a couple of stumbling blocks could prevent lawmakers from getting anywhere fast, one being the subject of integrity fees. The good news is each proposal includes full-scale mobile wagering


                                      • Sports betting legal and live but limited to licensed retail locations only ⚠️

                                      Legal sports betting is officially a thing in Montana. As per legislation, bettors will need to visit a licensed retail location such as a bar or gas station to physically place a wager. Though, it’s possible to register and deposit via the Sports Bet Montana app operated by Intralot, one of the leading sports betting providers. However, a closed market - as this essentially is - will almost certainly limit Montana’s capacity to generate substantial revenue.


                                      • Gambling prohibited 🚫

                                        State law prohibits gambling and no sports betting legislation has been put forward as a result.


                                        • Mobile sports betting legal and live but restricted to in-person sign-up ⚠️

                                          Having legalized sports betting in 1949, The Silver State held a legal monopoly of single-game wagering for over six decades. No longer is this the case of course. While the market is the most mature, it doesn’t come with the same flexibility as recently legalized states; bettors must register for an account in-person, likewise with collecting winnings.

                                          New Hampshire

                                          • Full-scale mobile and retail sports betting legal and live ✅

                                            Mobile sports betting in New Hampshire launched on December 30th. Governor Chris Sununu placed the first bet on Tom Brady and co. to win the Super Bowl, only for them to fall at the first hurdle. Nonetheless, New Hampshirites have full-scale mobile wagering (remote registration permitted) in place sooner than expected. DraftKings will operate as many as 10 retail locations across the state.

                                            New Jersey

                                            • Full-scale mobile and retail sports betting legal and live ✅

                                              Almost solely responsible for removing the federal ban on sports betting, New Jersey wasted little time in legalizing online gambling and implementing a framework. NJ sports betting was signed into law on June 11, 2018, with the first online sportsbook launched two months later. The availability of both retail and full-scale mobile wagering in a gambling hotspot resulted in the Garden State becoming market leaders almost instantly.

                                              New Mexico

                                              • Retail sports betting limited to one tribal casino ⚠️

                                                Sports betting in New Mexico hasn’t been legalized. In one of the more unique cases a loophole in the law that permits all forms of Class III gambling, including sports betting, has been fully exploited by one tribal casino. The Santa Ana Casino Hotel operated by the Pueblo of Santa Ana (a tribe of around 500 people) remains the only legal sports betting location in NM. Wagering is permitted on-site only.

                                                New York

                                                • Legal sports betting legal and live but limited to physical sportsbooks only ⚠️

                                                  Legal sports wagering in New York officially began on July 16, 2019. Four commercial and three tribal casinos kicked things off, albeit without mobile wagering. Subsequently, the Empire State is losing out on much-needed revenue to New Jersey. This is set to continue with Gov. Andrew Cuomo continuing to oppose online sports betting, going as far as to leave it out of his state budget.

                                                  New York Launches Legal Sports Betting

                                                  19 July 2019

                                                  Hey, look who's turned up! Read more

                                                  North Carolina

                                                  • Retail sports betting legal at two tribal casinos only ⚠️

                                                  Sports betting was signed into law in July 2019 but limited to two tribal casinos. Bets are accepted in-person at Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino and Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. Mobile wagering is not yet permitted although state lawmakers are believed to be considering the idea of a gambling expansion that’d permit sports betting statewide.

                                                  North Dakota

                                                  • Not yet legal ❌

                                                    A bill introduced in January 2019 to legalize professional and collegiate sports was flattened almost without being debated.


                                                    • Not yet legal ❌

                                                      Two bills have been put forward in the Buckeye State. The first proposes the lottery to regulate the industry, the other intending to give control to the Ohio Casino Commission. Both are still under consideration, as is the subject of mobile sports betting. Given the uncertainty, a 2020 launch seems unlikely at this stage.


                                                      • Not yet legal ❌

                                                        A proposed bill that would expand the tribal-state compact to include sports betting failed to pass the last legislative session. However, following news of the three dominant tribes filing a federal lawsuit against the Governor, legislation, for the time being, may have to take a backseat.


                                                        • Retail and mobile sports betting legal but limited (one physical sportsbook and one app) ⚠️

                                                        One of a handful of states already with sports betting legislation having been grandfathered-in under PASPA, the practice of legal sports betting required no new legislation. Yet, it still took Oregon until August 2019 to offer legal sports betting, becoming the 12th state to do so. The market caters for both land-based and mobile wagering, albeit the latter is limited to a state-run lottery betting app.

                                                        Oregon Officially on Sports Betting Trail

                                                        27 August 2019

                                                        Welcoming state number 12 with a regulated industry Read more


                                                        • Full-scale mobile and retail sports betting legal and live ✅

                                                          The Keystone State passed sports betting legislation in 2017 in hope of a favorable Supreme Court decision. Hollywood Casino took the state’s first legal sports bet in November 2018. Mobile sports betting in PA followed in May 2019 to open up a market second only to New Jersey.

                                                          Rhode Island

                                                          • Retail & mobile sports betting live and legal but limited (in-person registration required) ⚠️

                                                            Legal sports betting in Rhode Island kicked off in November 2018, five months after the legislation was authorized. Wagering would only be permitted at two land-based casinos under the law, with the industry regulated by the state’s lottery. Lawmakers tweaked existing legislation in early 2019 to include online and mobile betting, which is limited to in-person registration.

                                                            Mobile Betting Coming to Rhode Island

                                                            14 June 2019

                                                            Rhode Island will be the fourth state in the United States to have mobile betting available. Read more

                                                            South Carolina

                                                            • Not yet legal ❌

                                                              There has been a movement toward permitting betting on sports with a bill proposed. But a referendum is likely required to amend state constitution before South Carolina can move forward. Competition in the region increases the likelihood, albeit you’re looking at least mid-2021 before a legal bet is made.

                                                              South Dakota

                                                              • Not yet legal ❌

                                                              We should discover the extent of South Dakota’s desire for a regulated betting market in November when the question of sports betting is decided by state voters. The powers-that-be passed legislation to grant the people of South Dakota a say on Monday. If voted in favor of, legal sports betting will launch at retail establishments in Deadwood. Mobile apps could then follow statewide.


                                                              • Legal, waiting to go live 🔜

                                                                The Volunteer State legalized sports betting in May 2019 courtesy of a bill that remained unsigned by Governor Bill Lee. Since physical casinos do not exist in Tennessee, sports betting will be offered exclusively online, the first legal state to do so. The Tennessee Lottery, responsible for overseeing the industry, is in the process of drafting the rules. March has been identified for a potential launch.

                                                                Three states nearing the mobile sports betting finish line

                                                                10 January 2020

                                                                Michigan, Tennessee, and Colorado gearing up for a 2020 launch Read more


                                                                • Not yet legal ❌

                                                                  One of a number of states looking to legalize this year with the aim of launching in 2021. A bill was introduced in February 2019 that’d require sports betting operators to pay a $250,000 fee and a 6.25% tax on each bet placed. Mobile wagering on pro and college sports would feature. But a referendum to amend state constitution is likely to delay matters.


                                                                  • Gambling prohibited 🚫

                                                                    As a state strictly against any form of gambling (as spelled out in the State Constitution), Utah ranks the most unlikely candidate to welcome sports betting.


                                                                    • Not yet legal ❌

                                                                      The Green Mountain State has jumped straight on board with the ‘new year, new me’ approach with a new mobile-only sports betting bill. It’s the first move toward legalizing sports betting in Vermont since early 2019. If the latest bill passes, a summer launch could be on the cards.


                                                                      • Not yet legal ❌

                                                                      The Old Dominion is just a signature away from confirming legal sports betting. A bill that passed the House and the Senate requires final approval by state Gov. Ralph Northam to become law. If, as expected, the bill is signed, Virginia could have sports betting available via mobile sports betting apps and websites before NFL 2020. Under the terms of the bill, betting on college and university teams involving Virginia will be forbidden.


                                                                      • Not yet legal ❌

                                                                      It’s good news in Washington State, depending on what camp you’re in of course. That’s because legalized on-site sports betting could be on its way in Washington State on a tribal-only basis. ESHB 2638 has been passed in the House and may become official legislation following the next legislative session on March 12. Those against highlight the limitations of the bill which lacks mobile wagering - the staple of success for legal sports betting in the US - and only authorizes sports betting in two casinos.

                                                                      Washington D.C

                                                                      • Legal, waiting to go live 🔜

                                                                        The good news is sports betting has been approved in D.C - Bill 23-25 passed in December 2018. The not so good news is nobody has any idea when the market will begin. Having devised rules and regulations, it was believed license applications were being considered from December 2019 but the DC lottery has yet to complete the process. Expect a lottery operated framework similar to that of Delaware when the green light is eventually given.

                                                                        West Virginia

                                                                        • Full-scale mobile and retail sports betting legal and live ✅

                                                                          The fifth state to legalize sports gambling in August 2018, West Virginia had to contend with a temporary suspension of its online offering due to a dispute between the only online provider and its technology provider. The launch of both FanDuel and DraftKings has seen the mobile market back on track. Five land-based casinos offer legal sports betting in WV.


                                                                          • Gambling prohibited 🚫

                                                                            Gambling is forbidden, as per State Constitution hence no legislation has been introduced.


                                                                            • Not yet legal ❌

                                                                            And just like that, the prospect of legal sports betting in the Equality State is back where it started. At zero. The bill introduced on February 12 which would’ve have made mobile sports betting legal in Wyoming, failed to pass The House a little over two weeks later. Despite the potential to improve state coffers, it appears the idea of gambling is not deemed in the best interest of the state.

                                                                            Legal sports betting 2020 (Updated March,17)

                                                                            How many states have regulated sports betting?

                                                                            The total of states with regulated sports betting is up to 17:

                                                                            (In order of launch)

                                                                            • Nevada
                                                                            • Delaware
                                                                            • New Jersey
                                                                            • Pennsylvania
                                                                            • West Virginia
                                                                            • Mississippi
                                                                            • Rhode Island
                                                                            • New Mexico
                                                                            • Arkansas
                                                                            • New York
                                                                            • Iowa
                                                                            • Oregon
                                                                            • Indiana
                                                                            • New Hampshire
                                                                            • Illinois
                                                                            • Michigan
                                                                            • Montana

                                                                            Where is statewide mobile sports betting permitted?

                                                                            Full-scale mobile sports betting (i.e. sign-up and bet from a mobile device anywhere within state lines) is available in:

                                                                            • New Jersey
                                                                            • Pennsylvania
                                                                            • West Virginia
                                                                            • Oregon
                                                                            • Indiana
                                                                            • New Hampshire

                                                                            Where can you legally bet on sports at DraftKings sportsbook via mobile?

                                                                            These states have DraftKings sportsbook available as a mobile sports betting option:

                                                                            • New Jersey
                                                                            • West Virginia
                                                                            • Indiana
                                                                            • Pennsylvania
                                                                            • New Hampshire

                                                                            Is there legal sports betting in California?

                                                                            No. What’s more a stalemate between gaming stakeholders means it is very unlikely CA sports betting will launch in 2020.

                                                                            When will New York launch mobile sport betting?

                                                                            Customers can bet online within the four walls of a legal NY casino but the legislation does not include statewide mobile wagering. This means betting on mobile is confined to a casino only.

                                                                            Given how many NY bettors are crossing the border into New Jersey to bet freely, mobile sports betting in New York is inevitable.

                                                                            However, with state Gov. Andrew Cuomo strongly against the idea, it is unlikely to be anytime soon.

                                                                            Which states are set to legalize sports betting in 2020?

                                                                            We expect to see at least nine states move towards some form of legal sports betting before the end of 2020. Among those projected are:

                                                                            • Kansas
                                                                            • Kentucky
                                                                            • Louisiana
                                                                            • Massachusetts
                                                                            • Missouri
                                                                            • North Dakota
                                                                            • Ohio
                                                                            • Virginia