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Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! The pioneer state of gambling, Nevada offers legal and regulated sports betting, as well as online poker. With many casinos located in the city of entertainment, it is no surprise the Silver State allows all sorts of sports betting, from the traditional forms to the alternatives prop-bets and in-play betting.


Online Sports Betting & Online Casino is legal in Nevada

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Every year, more and more sites for online gambling are made available in Nevada, which makes the supply greater than ever. We are sure you will find a site that will suit your needs.

Frequently asked questions about Nevada gambling

If you want to read more specific details about gambling in Nevada, we suggest you dig deeper into this text, or check our the more specific sports betting or casino-pages about the "Battle Born" state. Otherwise, here is a quick run-down of the most important nuggets of knowledge.

Is it legal to bet in Nevada?

Yes, sports betting and casinos are legal in Nevada.

Is online sports betting and online casinos also legal?

Sports bets can be placed online via app as some companies are licensed to operate in the state. However, online casino isn't available at this time.

Which is the best sportsbook in Nevada?

You have a lot of options and it might be hard to name "the best" one. Look for the ones with your favourite sports or most fun types of bet.

I do not live in Nevada. Can I place bets on sporting events?

Yes, you can. You do not need to be a resident of Nevada but all bets must be placed within the state limits. A Geolocation system is used to determine your precise location.

How do I sign up for a gambling site in Nevada?

You have to visit an authorized location first. All money transactions must take place at a physical casino or via PayNearMe at bars/taverns, kiosks, or 7-Eleven convenience stores in Nevada.

How do gambling promos work?

Gambling promos are incentives used to attract new players to sign up with a site. Promos tend to be a monetary amount given by the company or a number of free bets.

How can I get a welcome offer from a gambling site?

As soon as you create an account and sign up, you should be able to get a free welcome bonus offer. As simple as that.

Is online gambling secure?

Yes. Make sure the betting site is licensed in the state of Nevada and the company is well known in the gambling industry.

Online betting in Nevada

The subject of legal sports betting has been drawn into focus at the rate of knots ever since the Supreme Court ruled the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) unconstitutional in May 2018, and it’s unlikely to die down anytime soon.

A number of states have jumped on the chance to legalize sports betting.

Meanwhile, other states have seen previously passed laws now come into effect on the back of this landmark decision.

There are a handful of states in which this recent ruling bears little significance though. Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana were the famous four exempt from PASPA prior to its taking down, with sports betting offered to some extent in each.

But while legal wagering was still limited to one off forms of sports betting in some states, no such boundaries existed in Nevada, as the state offers sports betting and now online sports betting in its entirety.

Of course, Nevada is no longer the only place in which you can legally bet on sports in the US. Yet, it will always be the pioneer of sports betting.

Regardless of the efforts other states to have now legalised sports betting, few will come close to rivalling what exists in Nevada.

How to set up a sports betting account in Nevada

Nevada las vegas sportsbook

Nevada with its many sportsbook will always be the pioneer of sports betting in the US.

Having said this, there is one stipulation which will see Nevada face stiff competition.

Currently, the opening of a Sportsbook account requires you to visit a casino in person – patrons are forbidden from verifying their identity online. For all the various avenues of gambling offered in the state this is viewed as a method stuck in the dark ages, especially with the likes of New Jersey allowing players to set up an account in the comfort of their own home.

Anyhow, while later on in the text we’ll look into the prospect of Nevada potentially altering its way in the not too distant future, for the time being a trip to a physical casino is required to start betting.

You’ll need to enter all of the basics – name, address, date of birth, contact details – into the application form provided, as well as have your ID, social security number or tax ID number at hand. On top of this a minimum deposit of $50 or $100 will be required to get the ball rolling.

Basic Laws & regulations for sports betting in Nevada

  • As is the law in the US, you won’t be allowed to wager unless you are at least 21 years old
  • All bets must be placed within Nevada. A Geolocation system is used to determine your precise location. If this isn’t with the borders of Nevada, then the technology will automatically reject your wager. At times, there can be an issue detecting the phone or tablet being used, or, people bordering the line and in the rural parts of Nevada.
  • You do not need to be a resident of Nevada to bet.

Deposits and Withdrawals in Nevada

The general state of play in Nevada sees all money transactions take place at a physical casino or via PayNearMe at bars/taverns, kiosks, or 7 Eleven convenience stores in Nevada. The actual taking of bets is processed via the app – no sports betting websites exist at present.

With this in mind and to prevent multiple trips, perhaps it’s best to have in mind the amount you want to wager and deposit in one go – do so with care though and remember to bet responsibly.

Often, the casino in which the account is first opened will act as a collection point for withdrawing winnings.

Though, this is on an individual basis – some sportsbooks may allow for winnings to be withdrawn through the app.

**For all the specific deposit and withdrawal options available at each sportsbook, read our designated section**

Popular sports wagered on in Nevada

Everybody has their game. Be it one that attracts the masses or one with more of a niche following, sportsbooks are always introducing new options for players to bet on in order to cater for all. For instance, the Nevada Gaming Control Board have even introduced the option to wager on a video game competition such as Golden Tee World Championship.

There’s an endless list of sports to bet on then. In Nevada, however, football, basketball and ice hockey are regarded as the three most popular wagered on.

The Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL attract the most attention with a lack of professional team from the state in NFL or NBA to speak about.

Much has been made of betting on college football in the past, primarily because of the risks involved in money being accepted on amateur events. But this is now very much part of the betting picture in Nevada, even to the extent of wagers being accepted for the Heisman Trophy, awarded to the best college player in the US.

Traditional forms of betting

Online betting Nevada

Las Vegas Knights’ Ryan Reaves celebrates after scoring a goal

As with the range of sports, the various betting options available is also extensive amongst Nevada sportsbooks. Below you’ll find the most common forms of betting for the popular sports in Nevada.

  • Point spread
  • Money line
  • Totals - Over/Under bet
  • Parlay
  • Propositional wagers (Prop bet)
  • Futures
  • In-play betting

Point spread

You’ll find this wager used commonly in football and basketball. A handicap is applied to the favourite which requires them to win by a certain number of points. As with the Asian handicap system that is now a mainstay among bettors in Europe, playing a handicap levels up the differences between two sides of contrasting abilities. The sole purpose – to provide better odds.

The sportsbook would’ve weighed up several factors before deciding which way to assign the handicap and by how many points. This includes recent results, home field advantage, player availability, weather – basically anything that may have an effect on the performance of the two teams.

Following this, the underdog is handed a headstart and assigned a positive (+) value, while the favourite starts with a negative (-) value. It’s the job of the favourite to work through their handicap, and the underdog to defend their respective handicap.

The Oddsboard below is how a points spread is displayed:

New England Patriots -10
Oakland Raiders +10

Here, the Patriots are significant favourites against the Raiders and the handicap has been set accordingly. A success on this line for the Patriots will require them to win by more than 10 points. For the Raiders, a defeat of less than 10 points will see them prevail on the line.

A 10 point handicap has been used purely for example purposes but you can expect to find a range of values depending on how close or far apart the two sides are deemed to be.

Money line

    The most simple and common bet you’ll come across commonly played in ice hockey, basketball and soccer. All there’s to do here is to choose the team you think will win the game outright.

    Oddsboard for NBA match

    New York Knicks -160
    Cleveland Cavaliers +150

    Out of the two options you have, one team will always be more fancied to win than the other. The favourite will always be displayed with a minus (-), the underdog a plus (+). The number given meanwhile represents the amount a player must wager in order to win $100.

    For instance, looking at the oddsboard above, a $160 wager on the favourites, the NY Knicks, would pay $100, should they win. Since, the Knicks are favourites and expected to win, you’re expected to gamble more money on an eventuality considered more likely by the sportsbook.

    A win for the Knicks then would see you yield the $160, plus your original stake, a total of $260.

    A win for the Cavaliers would see you win $150, plus the $100 staked, a total of $250.

    While the potential payouts are comparable, more money has been risked on the favourite, less money on the underdog.

    It’s exactly the same method in Europe where low odds of say 1.20 are given to Barcelona up against Huesca. More money needs to be laid on Barcelona with such low odds to bring about a return of any significance.

    Totals – Over/Under bets

    If you want to wager on an outcome which doesn’t depend on one team winning and one side losing, then Totals (“Overs/Unders”) is a great option and very simple to understand.

    A line is set by the sportsbook corresponding with the form of each team and amount of points recorded in previous games. All you have to do is bet on whether you think the combined points total of both teams will be Over or Under the number (line) given.

    Totals line for NFL match:

    Miami Dolphins vs. Denver Broncos

    Over 45.5
    Under 45.5

    In this instance, if you believe the match will finish the two sides scoring a combined total of 46 points or more, you should bet over. And if you see the score featuring less than 45 points, you would opt for Under. As you can see the .5 used avoid any grey area coming into play.

    The following forms aren’t used as frequently but are still worth knowing how to play correctly.


    Two or more selections played together to yield a greater payout is called a parlay. The bet carries the same principle as the accumulator in Europe with all selections needing to come in if the overall bet is to win. Naturally, the more teams added, the higher the winnings.

    By no means an impossible win, an element of lady luck is needed for all selections to come true and naturally a significant sum is the reward for a successful bet carrying a low probability.

    However, five out of your six picks could come in and you could still lose if your sixth proves unsuccessful. As much as a parlay can prove financially rewarding, it can prove equally frustrating.

    Propositional wagers (Prop bet)

    You can wager on how a certain player will perform or what will occur at a certain point in the game without having to rely on the final result. A sportsbook will list various options ranging from the amount of points you think will be scored in the first quarter, to the team to score first. Even the outcome of the coin toss can sometimes find its way onto the list of possibilities. Adding variety to your betting game is the objective here.


    Betting on a team to win a championship, division or conference is the most common future bet you’ll come across. In football (NFL), for instance, there’s the choice of the AFC or the NFC, while there will be an offering for a team to reach the playoffs by some sportsbooks.

    The bet extends across all sports featured by a sportsbook – the best advice we can give is to place your bet prior to the competition starting, as this is when odds at their best, value wise

    In-play betting

    The lack of legal betting sites means patrons of Nevada are only able to use a sportsbook app to wager, a major factor in betting on a live game being recognised as one of the fastest growing types of betting in the state. Bets that can be placed directly as the game is happening include point spreads, money lines and totals. Such bets allow for a sustained betting interest in the game even if a game has already begun.

    Will Nevada eventually step out of the dark ages and allow bettors to sign up online?

    The sports betting landscape in Nevada has remained the same for many years. Never have those in charge of sports betting had to consider making changes. As the saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    But in light of sports betting becoming legal in states other just Nevada, most notably in New Jersey, now home to a new audience of online bettors, there’s the sense that Nevada now needs to consider a rule change regarding online sports betting to counter the competition.

    The current situation means all bettors must visit a land-based casino or sportsbook in order to verify their account in-person. Signing up to an account online is not possible.

    The reasoning behind this is not immediately apparent but It’s believed brick-and-mortar casinos profit from the current set-up. Getting people into the building they normally wouldn’t, guarantees the casino tap into a previously untouchable demographic.

    All the same, the long standing practice only deters people from signing up in the first place and only leads to wagers being placed at unlicensed offshore accounts.

    It’s been clear for a while that this process is not working with the advantage for casinos no longer there. But by allowing players the opportunity to open accounts through an app, as opposed to in-person, surely Nevada stands the chance to create a whole new, bigger audience for itself.

    Nevada online betting app

    STN Sports betting app

    Betting sites in Nevada

    One of the major casinos in Nevada, Station Casinos, become one of the first sportsbooks to offer a betting website and was also prompt in the app market too. The use of the site however ended up being dwarfed by the number of app users, leaving the website surplus to requirements.

    Subsequently, legal betting sites for sportsbooks in Nevada are very few and far between. If you’re going to bet online in the state it will be via a mobile app.

    If you think briefly about how significant a role, mobile devices play in our daily lives, it’s no wonder sportsbooks have gone down this route.

    These days, phones rarely leave our side and there’s an app to do everything, more or less.

    Apps are certainly viewed by sportsbooks as an easier route to access beginners, who equally prefer wagering on an app compared to a website: it’s believed apps account for up to 75% of the wagering handle.

    Nevada has the following apps available:

    - William Hill

    - Wynn

    - CH Technology

    - Station Casino

    - Boyd

    - South Point

    - MGM

    - Atlantis Reno

    History of sports betting in the state

    Online sports betting is nothing new for Nevada which has had an established gambling industry since the 1930s. Somewhat ironically, legislation was passed to allow wide-open gambling in the state following the Great Depression, a decision that led to the birth of Las Vegas, renowned as the gambling capital of the world today.

    With Nevada the only place in America legal wagering could take place, the state has effectively monopolized the industry for a considerable spell, including that of sports betting which has been regulated since 1949.

    It remained the first and last state to do so for well over a decade having been grandfathered in to a new law (PASPA) passed in 1992 that halted the sports betting industry from growing further across the states.

    However, with this challenged successfully by New Jersey and its lawmakers, Nevada’s dominance of the industry is set to diminish. This said, Nevada will always be known as the pioneer of the industry while it will be a while yet before any state can match what Nevada has to offer currently.