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Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada! The pioneer state of gambling, Nevada offers legal sports betting online from brick-and-mortar casinos, as well as online poker.


Legal online gambling options: Sports betting, Poker (In-person registration required for a mobile sportsbook account)

Nevada Online Gambling - At A Glance

Online sports betting: Legal ✅

Online casinos & poker: Partially Legal* ✅ (*Only Online Poker)

Land-based casinos & sportsbooks: Legal ✅

Remote sign-up: No

Legal online gambling since: October 2013

Legal NV gambling age: 21+

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Your guide to Legal Online Gambling in Nevada

The bright lights and buzz of the famous Las Vegas strip will always be the undisputed capital of US gambling. In all, there are over 330 casinos scattered across the Silver State, the majority of which are accepting bets at physical sportsbooks.

Those who do are likely to offer mobile sports betting apps allowing for wagering anywhere in the state. As such Nevada remains the number one destination for gamblers. However, many a challenge awaits amid a new gambling landscape post-PASPA.

Online Gambling Nevada FAQs

Typical asks about online gambling in Nevada. To get fully up to speed, we suggest digging deeper into this text.

Is online gambling legal in Nevada?

Yes, it’s possible to gamble online in Nevada. You can bet on sports providing you use a mobile app and you can also play poker online. However, playing online casino in Nevada is not possible.

How do I sign up for a Nevada sports betting account?

To bet on sports in Nevada you must do so via a mobile app; you won’t find any desktop sites. To begin the process, do the following:

  1. Download the app which supports your device (either iOS/Android)
  2. Follow the on-screen steps to complete account set-up
  3. Verify your identity at the relevant land-based sportsbook
  4. Complete account registration by depositing money at the NV sportsbook

Can I bet on sports from my mobile device?

Yes - this is the only way you can bet on sports in NV.

How do I bet on sports in Nevada?

Once you have created your betting account at a NV sportsbook, you will be able to wager on a wide range of sports via the app you should’ve already downloaded.

To place a bet, do the following:

  1. Open the app
  2. Select the sport and game you want to bet on
  3. Decide a responsible amount to bet
  4. Select ‘Place bet’ to complete the process
  5. Head to the kiosk to collect your winnings or head to the bar to drown your sorrows.

I do not live in Nevada. Can I still place a bet in NV?

Absolutely. Betting in Nevada doesn’t require Nevada residency. You can be on vacation in The Silver State or simply pass through and still be eligible to place a wager.

How old do you have to be to gamble online in Nevada?

To create a betting account and gamble online in Nevada, you must be at least 21 years old. This also applies to playing poker online.

What is the best NV sports betting app?

In Nevada, the majority of sports wagering apps use the same software courtesy of Miomni. This means appearance-wise, there isn’t much difference.

But in terms of what each app offers there are differences. For example, some will allow you to bet on horse racing, others won’t.

While there may be a contrast between the types of bet offered depending on the size of the sportsbook, i.e. William Hill’s betting menu dwarfs that of Treasure Island. It’s a well-known fact that lines vary also.

In this case, answering the question is difficult. It depends on what the user needs and what that person likes. There’s no wrong or right answer as the decision is entirely subjective.

Is online gambling in Nevada safe?

Yes - providing you gamble at a regulated NV online sportsbook, you will not experience any difficulty in terms of safety online. If you’re unsure of a sportsbook, check out the books we’ve listed below; we only work with regulated sportsbooks eligible to operate in Nevada. Better still, shoot us a query and we’ll get back to you.

Nevada Online Gambling

Sports betting has been legal in Nevada since 1949.

Even after plans to prevent the expansion of sports betting in the US were enforced with the introduction of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 1992, The Silver State was grandfathered in. This left Nevada with a legal monopoly on single-game wagering in turn.

However, May 14, 2018, signaled the start of a whole new era for US gambling. A persistent challenge to the law from New Jersey eventually told.

After nearly a decade of campaigning, the federal ban on sports betting outside of Nevada was lifted when the US Supreme Court deemed the ban unconstitutional.

In Layman's terms, this meant legal sports betting was no longer exclusively in the state of Nevada. As a result, each US state has the power to introduce a regulated gambling industry, should they wish.

Not a lot has changed legislation wise for Nevada post PASPA. But it could set to be.

While the landmark ruling has seen state upon state work tirelessly to introduce a legislative framework, not a lot has changed in Nevada. Not in that sense anyway. In terms of its appeal and pulling power in the future though, possibly.

Las Vegas will always attract tourists from all over the world, that we know. Vegas is synonymous with being able to gamble. But could that status now be under threat from newer, more flexible markets, New Jersey being one?

NV sports bettors need to visit to a casino in person to sign up and make a deposit

Online gambling in Nevada is restrictive in the sense sports bettors need to visit a casino in person to sign up and make a deposit whereas New Jersey allows full-scale mobile wagering. This means a bettor can create an account and wager from a mobile device anywhere within the Garden State.

In addition to this, there are no online casinos in Nevada; clearly, the ability to play solely online would have a detrimental effect on the 300+ land-based casinos operating in the Silver State.

It must be said, few states will find it hard to trump the gambling opportunities in Nevada. But having monopolized the industry for so long, it remains to be seen how competitive Nevada can be in what is a brand new industry.

Nevada sports betting legislation

  • Sports wagering account apps must be created in person.
  • All bets must be placed within Nevada. (It is possible to view lines outside of NV)
  • You do not need to be a resident of Nevada to bet - even tourists can create an account
  • As per US law, you cannot wager unless you are at least 21 years old
  • Deposits/withdrawals need to be made at a retail sportsbook associated with the app, or, stated locations (kiosks at local bars, taverns, 7 Eleven stores)

How to set up a sports betting account in Nevada

To set up a sportsbook account in Nevada, follow these steps:

  1. Download the app which supports your device (either iOS/Android)
  2. Follow the on-screen steps to complete account set-up
  3. Visit the land-based sportsbook operating the app to verify your identity
  4. Complete account registration by depositing money at the NV sportsbook

You're right, having to pay a visit to a casino is a pain in the you-know-what!

But although a sports betting account must be registered in person, it's possible to save time beforehand.

You can do this by downloading the app and entering your personal details, as requested. This will include basic information such as name, address, date of birth and cell phone number - nothing too strenuous then.

To save further delay setting up your brand news betting app, remember to take a government-issued ID and proof of your social security number along.

There are no shortcuts to the process but luckily there are 330 odd casinos scattered across the Silver State! So a visit should not take you long!

United Gamblers Explains

The need for in person registration

The main reason behind in-person registration in Nevada is to keep people coming to the casinos.

If legislation allowed sign up from a mobile, there would be a significant drop-off in numbers visiting land-based establishments. This, in turn, would result in the demise of Las Vegas gambling, as we know it.

A customer needing to make a visit to verify his/her identity serves as a 'get to you know you' stage for both the casino and customer who, having experienced the casino in person, may feel more obliged to do so again.

Deposits and Withdrawals in Nevada

To deposit and withdraw money at NV betting apps, customers must visit the land-based casino relevant to the app, or, authorized locations such as 7 Eleven convenience stores and PayNearMe locations (as is the case for William Hill customers).

The majority of sportsbooks will have a minimum deposit of between $50 and $100 in place to kick-off the account. Some sportsbooks offer a different stance of whether you can withdraw money online or in-person so be sure to find out where the operator stands regarding this.

Sports Betting Apps in Nevada

As mentioned, the Nevada sports betting model is designed around making sure customers pass through the doors of land-based casinos. Because of this, remote registration (signing up from anywhere in NV) is not offered. Customers must create an account in person.

Apps, as opposed to betting sites, are a sure-fire way of making a drawn-out process, that little bit smoother. More to the point, our mobile phones rarely leave our side these days and apps perform many daily functions for us.

You won't be surprised to hear betting sites do not exist in Nevada. Betting apps are the only way you can bet.

Here are the most popular right now.

STN Casinos (STN Sports)

STN is the sports wagering app from Station Casinos. The largest local casino operator was one of the early players in releasing a sports betting app, doing so in 2010 under previous name Sports Connection.

They’re not known to accept significant wagers from professional bettors, instead choosing to focus on smaller wagers from recreational players.

Expect to find the same type of wagers available on the app, as you would at land-based Station Casino sportsbooks. This includes point spread, money line, parlay, teaser, futures, round-robin, and propositions, while you can also count on the chance to bet in-play.

Red Rock Resort, Boulder Station, Palace Station, Texas Station, Green Valley Ranch, and Santa Fe Station are the main brick and mortar Station casino sportsbooks you can visit to set up an account.

Barley’s Casino, El Cortez, Fiesta Henderson, Fiesta Rancho, Sunset Station, and Wild Wild West are the other physical sportsbooks you can visit to open an account. Remember to take along the documentation mentioned earlier to make the process a straight forward one.

Customers will enjoy STN Sports for its $50 minimum deposit amount, this the lowest among the sports betting apps in Nevada, while its loyalty scheme which sees players receive $1 for every $500 wagered, is also something to admire. B

Being able to deposit via a prepaid card after your initial deposit and save a trip out is frickin’ awesome though!

CG Technology

CG Technology, as it's now known, was once celebrated for owning the most modern sportsbooks in Las Vegas.

As for the app, it offers the standard betting wagers you’d expect to find including straight bets, parlays, and teasers, as well as prop bets, futures, and totals. Traditional sports like football, baseball, hockey, basketball, boxing, tennis, soccer, and auto racing are among those available to wager on.

There are eight sites from where you can set up an account: M Resort, Palms, Hard Rock Casino, Silverton, Tropicana, and Cosmopolitan. It owns a dual sportsbook in the Venetian/Palazzo resort also.

High rollers have been known to rely on CG technology for its willingness to accept high-limit wagers on major events that can’t be placed anywhere else in the state, a stance which has worked well in terms of building a solid reputation.

However, amongst the competition, the app is believed to rank low on quality ranked alongside the others in Nevada while in-play wagering is not possible on the app.

William Hill

The gentleman of the sports betting industry has plenty going on in Nevada with more locations – thought to be over 100 – than any other sportsbook operator. It comes as no surprise then that over half of the sports wagers made in the state comes via the app.

Bank on one of the largest and most updated sports wagering menus in Nevada and as many in-game opportunities to boot. From money lines to futures, parlay to props. William Hill has you covered across all the major sports.

Would-be William Hill app users must sign up at one of the many sportsbooks or specific WH kiosks in Nevada initially. Once the account is in full swing, further deposits are welcomed at an endless list of locations including participating PTs Pubs and Sierra Gold sites, as well as the estimated 200 7-Eleven stores around Nevada.

There’s a lot to like with William Hill. Not just with the ease of deposit and comprehensive betting options but the actual app itself is easy to use and extremely quick.

Lines, points spreads and odds aren’t always great. The focus tends to fall on the recreational gambler rather than the betting professional and so naturally you don’t find the most competitive prices with William Hill, though this is to be expected.

NV Sports (South Point)

The NV Sports app derives from the sportsbook operators at South Point which is led by two of the most recognizable names in the Nevada sports betting industry – Chris Andrews and Jimmy Vaccaro.

If you want value for money and a large selection of wagers, NV Sports is the ideal Nevada sportsbook for you. The odds, point spreads, and lines are among the fairest in the state but expect around the same for teasers, parlays, futures, props, and match-ups also.

Sign-up is only permitted at two brick and mortar sites: South Point or Rampart Casino. So long as you take along the required documentation eg. Valid ID, social security card and are able to fill out the paperwork, it should be a smooth sailing process. Being 21 or over will aid your case also!

The app itself is easy to read and straightforward to use while there’s willing for high-limit wagers to be placed so long as the matter is discussed first.

B-Connected Sports (Boyd Gaming)

Casino group Boyd Gaming (previously Coast Casinos) owns various properties around Las Vegas and now they have a sports app to add to their portfolio. You’ll find the same wagering options on the app, as you would the physical sportsbooks.

Players can expect the basic types of bet to be available including point spread, money line, parlay, round-robin, teasers, futures, props, etc

To begin betting with B-Connected, a player must sign up to create an account in person at a Boyd Gaming sportsbook. You have the choice of any one of these: Aliante, Cannery, The California, Eastside Cannery, Fremont, Gold Coast, The Orleans, Sam’s Town or Suncoast.

An easy to use interface with smart use of a black/gold color combination makes it easy on the eye also. Unlike other apps, a horse betting account can be set up through the app, adding to your wagering options (separate deposits/withdrawals are needed though). Whatsmore the operator is known to cater for all, be it, locals, tourists, professionals or high rollers.

It has to be said, the operator can be a bit slow out of the blocks when posting lines and odds, not ideal if you’re short on time

Betting on Nevada sports teams

Everybody has their game.

Whether it's one that attracts the masses or not, sportsbooks are regularly introducing new options for players to bet on. The need to cater for all is as great as it has ever been amid an ultra-competitive market. The Nevada Gaming Control Board making wagers available for an e-gaming competition like the Golden Tee World Championship is one small example of this.

In Nevada, football, basketball, and ice hockey are regarded as the three most popular sports for betting.

betting on sports in Nevada

The Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL attract a lot of attention in Nevada, and the same can be said for the newly-formed Las Vegas Raiders (formerly Oakland Raiders) which became Nevada's first-ever NFL side in 2020.

The state is also lucky to have women's NBA team Las Vegas Aces of the Western Conference. The Aces play their home games at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

Nevada sports betting types

As with the range of sports, the various betting options available is also extensive amongst Nevada sportsbooks. Below you’ll find the most common forms of betting for the popular sports in Nevada.

  • Money line
  • Point spread
  • Totals - Over/Under bet
  • In-play betting
  • Parlay
  • Propositional wagers (Prop bet)
  • Futures


    The most simple and common bet you’ll come across commonly played in ice hockey, basketball and soccer. All there’s to do here is to choose the team you think will win the game outright.

    How to play a moneyline

    Oddsboard for NBA game:

    New York Knicks -160
    Cleveland Cavaliers +150

    Out of the two options you have, one team will always be more fancied to win than the other. The favorite will always be displayed with a minus (-), the underdog a plus (+). The number given meanwhile represents the amount a player must wager in order to win $100.

    For instance, looking at the oddsboard above, a $160 wager on the favorites, the NY Knicks, would pay $100, should they win. Since the Knicks are favorites and expected to win, you’re expected to gamble more money on an eventuality considered more likely by the sportsbook.

    A win for the Knicks then would see you yield the $160, plus your original stake, a total of $260. A win for the Cavaliers would see you win $150, plus the $100 staked, a total of $250.

    While the potential payouts are comparable, more money has been risked on the favorite, less money on the underdog.

    It’s exactly the same method in Europe where low odds of say 1.20 are given to Barcelona up against Huesca. More money needs to be laid on Barcelona with such low odds to bring a return of any significance.

    Point spread

    You’ll find this wager used commonly in football and basketball. A handicap is applied to the favorite which requires them to win by a certain number of points. As with the Asian handicap system that is now a mainstay among bettors in Europe, playing handicap levels up the differences between two sides of contrasting abilities. The sole purpose – to provide better odds.

    The sportsbook would’ve weighed up several factors before deciding which way to assign the handicap and by how many points. This includes recent results, home-field advantage, player availability, weather – basically anything that may have an effect on the performance of the two teams.

    Following this, the underdog is handed a headstart and assigned a positive (+) value, while the favorite starts with a negative (-) value. It’s the job of the favorite to work through their handicap, and the underdog to defend their respective handicap.

    The Oddsboard below shows how a point spread is presented:

    New England Patriots -10
    Oakland Raiders +10

    Here, the Patriots are significant favorites against the Raiders and the handicap has been set accordingly. Success on this line for the Patriots will require them to win by more than 10 points. For the Raiders, a defeat of fewer than 10 points will see them prevail on the line.

    A 10 point handicap has been used purely for example purposes but you can expect to find a range of values depending on how close or far apart the two sides are deemed to be.

    Totals – Over/Under

    If you want a wager not result dependent, then a Totals bet (“Overs/Unders”) is a great option and very simple to understand.

    A line is set by the sportsbook corresponding with the form of each team and amount of points recorded in previous games. All you have to do is bet on whether you think the combined points total of both teams will be Over or Under the number (line) given.

    NHL Totals

    Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks

    Over 5.5
    Under 5.5

    With ice hockey a low scoring sport, the lines are typically set between 5 and 6.5. The quality of the teams and the goalkeepers specifically can influence which way the books go.

    In this case, if you see there being six or more goals in the game, you'd bet over.

    You bet under if you think the game will see 5 or fewer goals.

    If you're wondering the reason behind the .5, it's to avoid any confusion as to which way the bet has gone. 6 or more is over the line, 5 or less is under the line. All very straightforward then.


    Two or more selections played together to yield a greater payout is called a parlay. The bet carries the same principle as the accumulator in Europe with all selections needing to come in if the overall bet is to win. Naturally, the more teams added, the higher the winnings.

    By no means, an impossible win, an element of lady luck is needed for all selections to come true and naturally, a significant sum is a reward for a successful bet carrying a low probability.

    However, five out of your six picks could come in and you could still lose if your sixth proves unsuccessful. As much as a parlay can prove financially rewarding, it can prove equally frustrating.

    Prop bet

    You can wager on how a certain player will perform or what will occur at a certain point in the game without having to rely on the final result. A sportsbook will list various options ranging from the number of points you think will be scored in the first quarter, to the team to score first. Even the outcome of the coin toss can sometimes find its way onto the list of possibilities. Adding variety to your betting game is the objective here.


    Betting on a team to win a championship, division or conference is the most common future bet you’ll come across. In football (NFL), for instance, there’s the choice of the AFC or the NFC, while there will be an offering for a team to reach the playoffs by some sportsbooks.

    The bet extends across all sports featured by a sportsbook – the best advice we can give is to place your bet prior to the competition starting, as this is when odds at their best, value-wise.

    In-play betting

    One of, if not, the most popular way to bet today. Bets that can be placed directly as the game is happening includes point spreads, money lines, and totals. Such bets allow for a sustained betting interest in a game even if it has already begun.

    Will Nevada step out of the dark ages?

    The sports betting landscape in Nevada has remained the same for several years. Those regulating Nevada sports betting haven't had to consider making changes. As the saying goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    But in light of sports betting becoming legal in states other just Nevada, most notably in New Jersey, now home to a new audience of online bettors, there’s the sense that Nevada now needs to bring the legislative framework in line with the competition when it comes to mobile wagering.

    As it stands, mobile sports betting in Nevada is restricted

    As it stands, mobile sports betting in Nevada is restricted. Players must verify accounts at land-based sportsbooks and also deposit funds at registered sites. Signing up and depositing online is the desired way of doing things. However, this remains off the table in Nevada.

    Making sure customers continue to visit brick-and-mortar casinos is the fundamental reason for the way things are. Giving customers the option to do everything online will give them no reason to enter a land-based casino. A large percentage of NV casinos would lose custom and struggle to survive if that was the case.

    At the same time, such a drawn-out process can deter people from signing up in the first place. With that comes the danger of leaving bets, and money, on the table. Not to mention, making it harder for players to reject the lure of unlicensed sportsbooks.

    With more and more states introducing full-scale mobile wagering, there is a growing belief Nevada may need to revisit sportsbook registration rules sooner rather than later.

    History of sports betting in Nevada

    Nevada has had an established gambling industry since the 1930s. The legislation following the Great Depression allowing wide-open gambling in the state, a decision that ultimately led to the birth of Las Vegas, renowned as the gambling capital of the world today.

    With Nevada once the only place in America legal wagering existed, the state effectively monopolized the industry. Even after plans to prevent the expansion of US sports betting were set into motion (PASPA), Nevada further tightened its hold on US sports betting after being exempt from the legislation.

    However, with this challenged successfully by New Jersey and its lawmakers, Nevada’s dominance of the industry could be set to diminish. That said, it will take time for a state to rival Nevada who will forever be the pioneer of sports betting.