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When it comes to online sports betting and the online casino industry, New Jersey is leading the way. The Garden State has it all, offering a variety of sites for sports betting and also multiple places for online gambling. As if going to Atlantic City wasn't good enough, now you can place sports bets and play online casino anywhere within the state borders.

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Online Sports Betting & Online Casino is legal in New Jersey

United Gamblers - Your guide to online gambling in New Jersey

At UnitedGamblers, we strive to provide you with the best and most respected gambling sites in New Jersey. Whether you like to find a sports betting site or an online casino, we have you covered!

This year, a lot of new sites for online gambling have begun their NJ journey, which makes the supply greater than ever. We are sure you will find a site that will suit your needs.

Frequently asked questions about New Jersey gambling

If you want to read more specific details about gambling in New Jersey, we suggest you dig deeper into this text, or check our the more specific sports betting or casino-pages about the Garden State. Otherwise, here is a quick run-down of the most important nuggets of knowledge.

Is it legal to bet in New Jersey?

Yes, sports betting is legal in New Jersey. Several betting sites are licensed to operate in the state of NJ.

When did it become legal?

On June 11, 2018, Governor Phil Murphy signed Assembly Bill 4111, legalizing sports betting at casinos and racetracks within New Jersey.

Which is the best sportsbook in New Jersey?

Hard to say which one is the best as you have a lot of options in NJ. The big guys have all joined in and most of sportsbooks offer great stuff.

Which is the best online casino in New Jersey?

See above. Same goes for online casinos. The majority of casinos offer all the most popular games with some great bonus offers. Just choose the one which fits better for your needs!

How do I sign up with a New Jersey gambling site?

Signing up tends to require the basics: personal information and payment details. You must create an account with username/password for most gambling sites.

How do gambling promos work?

Gambling promos are incentives used to attract new players to sign up with a site. Promos tend to be a monetary amount given by the company or a number of free spins or bets.

How can I get a welcome offer from a gambling site?

As soon as you create an account and sign up, you should be able to get a free welcome bonus offer. As simple as that.

Is online gambling secure?

Yes. Make sure the betting site is licensed and the company has a nice reputation! Then, it should be no problem.

Best NJ Gambling: Editor's choice


Up to $200 deposit bonus

When using Draftkings' products, there is never a dull moment. Whether you are placing bets in their excellent sportsbook or you are enjoying the thrill of their many casino games, we are sure you will have a good experience with them.

How do I sign up with an online gambling site in NJ?

  1. Online sign up: You can easily sign up for a gambling site in the state of New Jersey. Just go online on a betting site or the app and look for the registration section.
  2. Enter your email address: You must provide an email address to create your site account.
  3. Create a username/password: You need to create a username and have an unique password for your online account.
  4. Enter your date of birth (for age requirement): The legal sports betting age is 21 years old in the state of NJ.
  5. You are good to go: Have fun!

Creating an Account

Whether you’re creating an account on a laptop through the betting site or the app, you’ll be required to supply the same basic same information needed for the standard online account these days.

    As you can see, it’s nothing you’ve never been asked before. The most you’re likely to have think about is to come up with a username that hasn’t already been used by another bettor, and a password that you can recall easily.

    On both counts, we recommend keeping things simple; many people are able to use their full name as their username and set their password to a pet name or former school, if you’re struggling for inspiration!

    Once the betting site or app you’re using verifies your location as New Jersey via Geolocation - you may need to enable location services on your device for this to work - the process doesn't become any harder, but perhaps a little more intense.

    The sportsbook you use, regardless of name, size or stature in the industry, will need to know they are allowing a resident of New Jersey to open an account and not somebody based outside the borders.

    So, be prepared to answer all the questions under the sun in order to prove you are who you say you are.

    You need to have the following at-hand: legal first and last name, full home address, date of birth, the last four digits of your social security number

    Additionally, you’ll need to confirm that you are indeed over 21 and that you’re not a casino employee prohibited from wagering in New Jersey – it’s ok this requires no letter or public announcement, just a simple swipe of the finger (or mouse cursor) from white to green.

    You may be thinking all this is a little excessive, yet, it's really very little in comparison to the number of years it has taken for you and other US citizens to reach the stage of being able to bet legally. What's more, you’ll only do it the once (per sportsbook, that is).

    Once, you’ve glided through the identification period, your account should be good to go.

    Online sports betting in New Jersey

    New jersey online betting

    New Jersey is a forerunner for online gambling in the US.

    Having campaigned tirelessly and spent millions of dollars to reach the point that now grants individual states the freedom to decide whether to legalise sports betting, it’s no surprise to see New Jersey leading the way with the number of sportsbooks up and running already.

    This is only the start of things getting going in New Jersey though, a fact that is most exciting for punters like yourself who only stand to benefit from such intense competition making roots in NJ.

    Nine brick and mortar sportsbooks have been opened, while eight online sportsbooks have been launched with the tally increasing week by week.

    You see the market in New Jersey is shaped in such a way that there could be up to 42 online sportsbooks each vying for a portion of the newly baked pie.

    The license required to operate in the state is limited to just the nine land-based casinos and five racetracks within the borders of NJ.

    Each are encouraged to take charge of three online betting brands online and also create partnerships with external brands. Based on reported partnerships in the pipeline and the rate in which the NJ market is growing, the trend should continue.

    It’s believed the number of sportsbooks available in New Jersey could rise to at least 30 by the end of 2019.

    Before we take a closer look at the sportsbooks currently live in NJ, allow us to guide you through all things online sports betting in New Jersey.

    Basic laws and regulations of online betting in New Jersey

    • First and foremost, the law (A4111) states that only people aged 21 or over can partake in sports betting
    • Bets must be placed within the borders of New Jersey state. Websites and apps will use geolocation to verify your location at the time bet is made.
    • You do not need to be a New Jersey resident to wager
    • It’s forbidden to bet on NJ universities such as Rutgers and Princetown, as well as high school games and collegiate events within the state.
    New jersey first legal wager

    Governor Phil Murphy placing the first legal sports bets in New Jersey

    Traditional forms of betting in New Jersey

    Moneyline bet

    The most common and simplest form of betting out there on any sportsbook. All you’re doing is betting on the team you think will win.

    Recommended for: All sports

    Pointspread betting

    Used to provide better odds between two teams of contrasting abilities. For instance, a Point Spread bet would see the underdog handed a points/run headstart in order to level up the playing field. The team you back needs to either defend the handicap or overcome it, in order for you to win your bet. The beauty of a Pointspread bet is wagering money on the losing team can still win you money.

    Recommended for: Hockey, Basketball, Soccer

    Totals (Over/Under)

    Here, there’s no worries about which team will run out the winner. It’s all about the combined total of points/runs scored in the match. Sportsbooks will offer you certain lines (for example, 205 points in a NBA game) from which you simply predict if the game will finish Over or Under.

    Recommended for: Basketball, Hockey, Soccer

    Parlay bet

    It’s said the stars need to align in order for a parlay bet to succeed. While this isn’t strictly true, a winning parlay bet does require a large degree of luck to fall your way. The deal here is a single bet that comprises of two or more selections. The more bets, the higher the return. But as alluded to, all selections have to be correct for you to win.

    Recommended for: All sports. Get parlaying, you just never know!

    Prop Bets

    Like Pointspread and Over/Under bets, Prop bets are designed to add more variety than just your standard moneyline bet. Predict how many goals a player will score or the team will score the first touchdown. For one of the biggest betting events on the planet - the Superbowl – any number of prop bets will be open including the more alternative bets such as how long the national will run for and whether you think the coin flip will go the way of heads or tails. Yep, these are actually outcomes you can bet on!

    Recommended for: All sports.

    Understand each type of bet by reading our designated guide about betting markets.

    Where to bet: Online betting sites in New Jersey

    You residents of New Jersey are one lucky bunch!

    Nowhere in the US will you find more betting sites launched than in The Garden State. You have eight to choose from at the time of writing, quite a contrast to the next best of two, fully launched in……..

    All are live and can be signed up to instantly, so long as you’re in New Jersey at the time. With the exception of playMGM (only available via an app), you can get the ball rolling either online via the online site or the designated app created by the sportsbook.

    The following sites are live currently in NJ:

    New Jersey Devils

    In 1982 the franchise was moved from Colorado to New Jersey and renamed New Jersey Devils, after the legendary creature.

    Who you backing?

    There’s no shortage of successful sports teams in New Jersey. No matter the sport you can count on all professional sports teams in the state to bring produce the goods on the field of play.

    The Prudential Center is home to the New Jersey Devils. Head coach John Hynes leads his side in the Metropolitan Division (Eastern Conference) of the National Hockey League (NHL).

    The Devils, in action during the regular season between October and April, rank as one of the most successful sides with five Conference championships and nine division championships to their name.

    NJ is also home to two of the biggest football teams in America: New York Jets and New York Giants.

    Both play at the Met Life Stadium with the Jets in the East Conference and the Giants in the National East.

    The MLS, the highest professional soccer league, continues to make a name for itself on these shores and the New York Red Bulls have been there from the start as a member of the Eastern Conference.

    In fact, The Metros, as they’re also known, are more than just members having the division no less than six times, including the most recent 2018 series. Not bad for a team formed in 1994!

    They say you should bet with your head and not your heart. But if you stick to the basics and to the markets best for each sport, then you could end the day with your favourite team winning and money in the bank. A win-win!

    New Jersey sports betting offers

    1. Up to $200 deposit bonus

    2. Up to $500 risk-free bet

    3. 100% up to $250 on first deposit

    4. 100% matched deposit up to $1000

    5. 100% up to $500 welcome bonus

    Online casino in New Jersey

    The first state to officially legalize and regulate online casino games, the Garden State leads the way when it comes to online gambling.

    New Jersey offers close to 600 online games from 19 active online casinos.

    First introduced in 2013, NJ Casino gambling is expected to flourish throughout 2019 as sports betting has now come along.

    All sites are regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and few have performed better than Golden Nugget who remain a level above competitors such as Betfair, Virgin, Caesars, 888 casino and SugarHouse. As mentioned, this is set to change with some of the leading sportsbooks looking to house sports betting and casino games within one app and some new faces trying to force their way in.

    Trusted Sites

    Online casinos are generally safe as long as you avoid gambling sites not affiliated with land-based casinos and not regulated by the state of New Jersey.

    Since casino gambling is still illegal outside Atlantic City, all servers hosting NJ online casino websites must be located within the city.

    Only trust sites partnered with the Atlantic City Casinos that bear the seal of the Division of Gaming Enforcement of the State of New Jersey.

    New Jersey online casino offers

    1. $35 no deposit bonus

    2. Free $30 no deposit bonus

    3. 100% up to $250 on first deposit

    4. 100% deposit match up to $1000 & $25 in FreePlay

    5. $20 free no deposit bonus

    NJ Online Casinos

    List of New Jersey Online Casinos

    1. Golden Nugget

    2. Virgin Casino

    3. Caesars Casino

    4. playMGM

    5. SugarHouse

    6. Tropicana Casino

    7. Borgata Casino

    8. 888poker

    9. PokerStarsNJ

    10. PartyPoker

    11. WSOP NJ

    12. Betfair

    13. Hard Rock

    14. Harrah's

    15. Mohegan Sun

    16. Ocean Resort

    17. PartyCasino

    18. Resorts Casino

    19. BetAmerica Casino

    Deposits and Withdrawals in New Jersey

    We’ve erred on the side of caution here because the issue of depositing and withdrawing monies has become a slight headache for many sportsbooks in the state. So much so that the rapid growth of the industry in New Jersey could be halted.

    The problem lies with the major credit card companies.

    Having already perceived the risks involved with transactions related to online casinos and poker sites to be higher than the relatively small amount of income they’d receive, the same issue is threatening the sports betting online industry before it has truly got going.

    While regular sports bettors already have their own reliable payment methods, it’s new bettors who view credit cards as the most convenient way to bet when starting out and are being affected more than anyone.

    The situation is by no means ideal for sportsbooks looking to claim an early share of the market in New Jersey.

    This will need to be addressed quickly if the NJ online sports betting market is to really take off.

    The matter has however seen an upturn in the use of alternative payment options. eChecks and prepaid cards are currently the two methods used ahead of credit cards, while DraftKings have looked to combat the problem and move ahead of the competition by adding Paypal to its deposit options.

    Most common deposit and withdrawal methods in New Jersey:

    ACH (eCheck)

    Depositing funds via an electronic check will not incur any fees that may be attached to credit cards. In addition, this method has become very popular through its ease of use. You’ll need to enter your social security number and create a 4-digit pin if you haven’t used an e-check before. One downside is the time taken for the money to be processed, normally between 24 and 48 hours. As for withdrawing winnings, it can take up to 72 hours for your request to be processed.

    Prepaid card

    Cardholders are able to put money onto a prepaid card and use it in the same way they would a credit card. Seen as a safe and convenient to cash, the method is ideal for use in New Jersey and so it’s proved, ranking as the second most popular deposit method.


    Widely renowned as one of the safest online payment methods in the world, Paypal, in light of the recent issues the state is having with credit cards, is destined to become one of the most popular payment methods in New Jersey. If you use Paypal, even on a one-off occasion, you must ensure the email address used for your account with both the NJ betting site and Paypal are the same. Also bear in mind that some sites will not accept Paypal deposits from accounts funded by credit and debit cards.


    More and more NJ online betting sites accept deposits via Neteller. Secure and safe payments are guaranteed both ways. A withdrawal can take up to 72 hours but this is line with the other payment methods.

    Legal gambling in New Jersey

    How are gambling sites in New Jersey regulated?

    Since the legislation was introduced in 2013, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement regulates casinos in the state of New Jersey.

    Casino gambling is still illegal outside Atlantic City and, therefore, all land-based casinos and servers hosting NJ online casino websites must be located within the city.

    All regulated Atlantic City Casinos bear the seal of the Division of Gaming Enforcement of the State of New Jersey.

    Land-based gambling vs online gambling

    New jersey mobile app mgm

    It is possible to bet via mobile apps within the boarders of New Jersey.

    Terrestrial casinos in Atlantic City, NJ offer everything gamblers need and much more. The environment, the fun, and the excitement have all been part of the AC experience for many years. The new and exciting stuff? Online gambling.

    All servers hosting NJ online casino websites must be located within the city but you no longer have to drive to Atlantic City in order to gamble or place some sports bets. It's now all available at the convenience of your fingertips as betters can use one of the many NJ sites or apps for gambling.

    It's a win-win. You have now the ability to choose how you are going to gamble and how you are going to have fun. Whether is at some casino in AC or using your phone, you can be sure to have some Jersey fun.

    Is it safe to gamble online in New Jersey?

    Yes. Make sure the betting site is licensed in the state of New Jersey. Also, avoid unknown sites. Almost every major Atlantic City casino and well-known sports betting site is available in New Jersey. As long as users go to trustable names and sites, online gambling is considered safe.

    Future of online gambling in New Jersey

    The boom is inevitable. Adding sports betting to New Jersey casinos is going to have a huge impact not only on the number or in-state visitors but also for tourists and people living relatively near a NJ border.

    A new customer profile is expected as sport bettors can cross over to casino games and vice versa.

    How much will gambling grow in New Jersey? Difficult to say exactly how much it will grow but it's safe to say a significant growth is expected.