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Ohio is another state in the works for sports betting. The Buckeye State officials are working hard with emphasis on getting it right. Sports betting in Ohio is taking its sweet time to go live, but it could be implemented sometime in 2022, providing it is put forward in the state’s legislative session.


There are currently no legal online gambling options in OH

Ohio Online Gambling - At A Glance

Online sports betting: Not Legal ❌

Online casinos & poker: Not Legal ❌

Land-based casinos & sportsbooks: Legal ✅ (Casinos only)

Remote sign-up: No ❌

Legal online gambling since: TBD

Legal OH gambling age: 21+

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Legal Online Gambling in Ohio

Lawmakers in Ohio may be taking some time in getting a bill on the legislative table but their calm and considered approach to launching sports betting may in fact, save time in the long run.

Other states could be accused of attempting to push through legislation for the sake of simply promoting themselves midst a new craze, realizing eventually they’re further from fixing a workable framework than when they first started out.

This isn’t the case in Ohio where the arrival of sports betting has already been described as a matter of when rather than if.

Top Ohio officials are instead opting to approach the matter with less haste and more emphasis on getting it right, first time around - refreshing to say the least.

But where does this leave budding sports bettors in The Buckeye State in the meantime? How long until Ohio legalizes sports betting?

It’s game on for sports betting in Ohio

With the launch of the industry described as inevitable by the state governor, the prospect of walking into betting establishment, laying down hard cash and betting on the fortunes of the Browns, Cavs or Indians is a real one for Ohians.

This said, the common view held by lawmakers to do things right or not at all means Ohio is currently in no rush to approve legislation.

Even the fact neighbors Indiana and Kentucky seem to be edging ahead in the race to become to the first Midwest state to legalize sports betting, hasn’t fazed lawmakers who remain committed to meeting the needs of all stakeholders before moving forwards.

There is, however, growing belief that sports betting in Ohio could be fast tracked and implemented before the end of 2019, providing it’s put forward in the state’s legislative session.

Who will get to house sports betting?

It’s most likely the state’s 11 land-based casinos and racinos will run sports books.

The prospect of seeing sports betting in every bar or street corner shop is one lawmakers are keen to avoid, hence the call to keep betting confined to establishments already known for gambling.

Will I be able to bet from my mobile device?

There’s no denying there are sceptics regarding the subject of mobile wagering but the common consensus centers on the inevitability of it.

Whether you’re a fan of the technology boom or a tech phob, mobile phones aren’t going anywhere soon.

If anything they’re only going to become more advanced and become ingrained further into our everyday lives.

Besides, it has never been easier to place a bet on a game from the comfort of your own sofa, don’t expect betting companies or individual states to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Weighing up the pros and cons of OH sports betting

Quite rightly, the safety of vulnerable bettors - gambling addicts and budding bettors under the legal age - will come under scrutiny and will require addressing.

The arrival of sports betting will only add another temptation into the mix for addicts struggling with gambling on a daily basis and potentially expose minors to gambling too easily. Ultimately, though, the positives of Ohio mobile wagering far outweigh the negatives.

There’s a collective desire to ship unlicensed betting operators out of town, not just for the estimated $150 million lost to illegal activity at Ohio’s expense, but to bring better safety and security to an activity already viewed as a mainstream hobby by many.

Regulation would allow for the integrity of matches to be maintained.

Match fixing prevention systems capable of identifying suspect activity via industry algorithms will come into play, as will anti-money laundering procedures aimed at taking down the black market.

Will OH sports betting feature an integrity fee?

In a word, no.

The idea of major sports leagues being entitled to a cut of the betting handle (total amount of money wagered) through a royalty/integrity fee looks to be flatly rejected, not an unusual stance so far of course.

Rep Bill Coley made his feelings on the subject clear, likening the proposal to farmers asking for payment for the way their crops sell. In other words, the leagues stand to gain the most from the industry through exposure anyway - why should they be entitled to benefit twice over?

The sports leagues long standing reservations about sports betting which seems only to have softened since the money available has come to light, leaves the genuine intentions of the sports leagues there to be questioned.

Which sports will be available to bet on in OH?

With its rich sporting background, it’s no surprise find a pro team across each of the major leagues.

Sports Teams in Ohio

All in all, the Buckeye state is represented by seven professional teams:

The Cincinnati Reds (MLB) boast five World Series titles and nine National League pennants among a raft of honors.

The Big Red Machine last posted a division title in 2012 though so you could say some silverware is overdue!

The Paul Brown Stadium is the home of the Cincinnati Bengals (NFL).

Numerous opportunities to appear in the Superbowl have been passed up with the Bengals failing to convert any of their 14 appearances into a final berth but they do have a variety of division championships to call upon.

There’s plenty of local rivalry at stake when the Bengals meet the Cleveland Browns (NFL) who are behind their state rivals in terms of all-time series wins but possess the greater history in number of division championships won. Fans have been starved of success of late with little to show for the past two decades.

The Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) have enjoyed a large percentage of their success through the 90s, backed up strongly with four successive Eastern Central Division Championships between 2015 and 2018.

The newest franchise in Ohio, Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL) only came into existence in 2000 so they can be forgiven, at least for the time being, for an empty trophy cabinet.

Colombus Crew SC (MLS) were born six years earlier but with soccer a slow burner for Americans only now are The Crew finding it easier to attract crowds to the Mapfre Stadium.

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Whichever side of the fence you fall, NFL is certainly Ohio’s number one sport to bet on with not one but two teams: the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns.

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