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Now on board with online sports betting, Oregonians can bet on the Blazers at the state’s only sportsbook app, Scoreboard, overseen by the Oregon Lottery.


Legal online gambling options: Sports betting

Your guide to Legal Online Gambling in Oregon

As one of four states exempt from PASPA in 1992, Oregon enjoyed limited sports betting in the shape of a parlay game called Sports Action, run by the Oregon Lottery.

Thanks to this, The Beaver State were excused from having to enact new legislation following PASPA and have pressed ahead with Scoreboard, the state’s only legal sportsbook app.

Oregon online gambling FAQ

Familairize yourself with all things Oregon online gambling right here.

Is online sports betting legal in Oregon?

Yes, online sports betting in OR is officially live. The Oregon Lottery launched Scoreboard on October 16 2019.

What is the legal age to bet online in Oregon?

State law requires bettors to be at least 21 years of age.

Where can I bet on sports online in OR?

The only legal sports betting offering is at Scoreboard, available via its online sportsbook or mobile app.

Can I bet on all sports in OR?

Oregon sports betting legislation permits wagering on professional sports, but not at collegiate level. The potential dangers of surrounding young athletes with gambling was fundamental in this decision.

When will FanDuel be available in Oregon?

That remains to be seen. The addition of other sportsbooks to Oregon sports betting could be addressed further down the line however.

How do I start betting in Oregon?

To place a bet, players must first download the scoreboard app and create a funding account.

I’m in Washington. Can I use the app and place a bet?

Anybody located outside of Oregon can sign up for the app and access the latest live odds. However, to place a bet, you have to be physically located in state lines - Geolocation technology will prevent bets being made outside of Oregon.

Can I play online casino games in Oregon?

Only tribes in Oregon can offer casino gaming. If you want to do so you’ll need to visit in-person - online casino gambling is not available.

Online Gambling in Oregon

Finally, some movement on the West coast (and another green light on our map) as Oregon becomes state number eight to roll out regulated online wagering and the only state in the entire Pacific Northwest to have a online gambling platform.

The only mobile sports betting app in The Beaver State

Scoreboard, the only mobile sports betting app in the Beaver State, launched later than expected but is underway accepting wagers.

The app allows in-state users to bet on sports from a mobile device and will serve as the sole online offering for the foreseeable future.

Bet on the Portland Trail Blazers

Bets can be placed on the NFL, MLB, NHL and of course, Portland Trail Blazers in the NBA.

Oregonians betting on the Ducks is off the menu however with betting on NCAA games not permitted.

Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City, run by the Siletz Tribe, is the place to head for in-person wagering and remains the only retail sportsbook in Oregon at present.

Unlike the Scoreboard app, it’s possible to wager on the Oregon Ducks but only on location. No mobile wagering option is available.

Oregon Sports Betting App

How to get started

  1. Download the Oregon Lottery Scoreboard app on iOS or Android, or, sign up online via the desktop site
  2. Select “Join Now” and enter email address and personal information including last four digits of social security number
  3. Set up a Play+ account to deposit funds to Scoreboard account
  4. Choose a way to fund Play+ account e.g. debit/credit card information, Paypal
  5. Deposit funds from Play+ account to your Scoreboard account
Scoreboard app - What you need to know
  • App platform powered by SB Tech
  • Available via the Oregon Lottery Website
  • Deposit limit of $250,00
  • Players can set limits on wagers and the maximum amount they’re prepared to lose

Oregon Gambling Laws and Regulations

  • Oregon Lottery in operation since 1985 offering a selection of games
  • Law permits Oregon Lottery to offer the state’s only sportsbook app
  • Not required to be an Oregon resident to sign up
  • No betting on college teams including Oregon Ducks & Oregon State Beavers
  • Casino gambling only available at tribes in the state
  • 1% of lottery revenues goes toward addiction programs in each county
  • Must be 21 or older to bet

NBA betting

Sports have had a long time tradition in the Beaver State.

From horse racing to greyhound racing, baseball to football and much more, sports have always been part of the state’s culture. Today, Oregon is proud to have two professional teams with great fan bases.

The Portland Trail Blazers are one of the most traditional teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA)

The Blazers won one NBA title back in 1977 and were a solid contender in the 90s, reaching the finals twice in 1990 and 1992.

Unfortunately, there was a guy named Michael Jordan, who led the Chicago Bulls to six titles over that decade, one of them over the Blazers in '92.

The Blazers have been strong in recent years led by a young core that could make the team a NBA title contender once more.

Betting on the Blazers

Fancy a wager on the Blazers? Before you begin, read up on some of the common wagers:

Money line - the most simple bet requires you to pick the outright winner of a game. Popular across all sports.

Point spread - a spread is the margin of points a favored team must win the game by, or the set number of points the underdog will need to lose by for the wager to pay out. Very popular with football and basketball fans.

Futures - if you can see the Blazers winning the Western Conference for instance, you can place a futures wager. Betting before the competition or event begins yields better odds.

Oregon Sports teams

The other professional team in Oregon is the Portland Timbers of the Major League Soccer, MLS.

Though not a very popular sport across the nation, soccer has found a home in the state of Oregon with the Timbers having fans known for their enthusiastic support.

Oh, let’s not forget about college sports. The University of Oregon and the Oregon State University have been strong in both college football and basketball for many years.

The Oregon Ducks are one of the top football college programs in the country

The Ducks have won the PAC12 conference several times for the delight of its huge fan base. The Oregon State Beavers also draw big crowds for its home games and is often a contender, not only, in football but basketball as well.

Unfortunately, due to an apparent conflict of interest in proceeds from the lottery benefitting higher education in Oregon, the legislation does not allow for betting on collegiate sports. Betting on the Ducks and The Beavers is therefore off limits.

Oregon Sports Betting: How we got here

Oregon is no stranger to sports betting.

The Beaver State were one of four states exempt from the federal ban on sports betting under the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) of 1992.

Oregonians were able to partake in a parlay sports betting game called Sports Action, run by the state’s lottery.

Subsequently, when the US Supreme Court ruled PASPA as unconstitutional in 2018, Oregon were in the fortunate position of already possessing the legal authority to launch sports betting.

This meant that unlike other states needing to enact new pieces of legislation, The Beaver State were able to offer sports betting under the existing law.