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Pennsylvania has officially regulated sports betting and it's already having a huge impact in the industry across the nation. The 5th most populous state in the US, PA has a strong fan base, perfect location, and many professional teams. After the first site launching, others have joined the party and a few more sites are waiting on deck. Online sports betting is just getting started in the Keystone State.


Online Sports Betting & Online Casino is legal in Pennsylvania

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At UnitedGamblers, we strive to provide you with the best and most respected gambling sites in Pennsylvania. Whether you like to find a sports betting site, an online casino, or the best online offers, we have you covered in the Keystone State!

SugarHouse Casino becomes the first Pennsylvania casino to venture into the new frontier of internet gambling. Parx Casino, BetRivers and FanDuel have since launched their sites as well. PA could have as many as 7 gambling sites by the end of the year 2019.

Frequently asked questions about Pennsylvania gambling

If you want to read more specific details about gambling in Pennsylvania we suggest you dig deeper into this text, or check our the more specific sports betting or casino-pages about the Keystone State. Otherwise, here is a quick run-down of the most important nuggets of knowledge.

Is it legal to gamble in Pennsylvania?

Yes, sports betting and casinos are both legal in Pennsylvania. Several betting sites and online casinos are licensed to operate in the Quaker state.

Is sports betting available online in PA?

Yes! On May 28th, 2019, SugarHouse becomes first Pennsylvania casino to launch internet sports betting. Other sites are now available too.

How can I place sport bets?

The law permits wagering on both professional and collegiate events. Bets can be placed in person, online, or on a mobile device.

How old do you have to be for sports betting?

Residents will need to be at least 21 years old before betting on sports in the state of Pennsylvania

How do I sign up with a Pennsylvania gambling site?

Signing up normally require the basics: personal information and payment details. You must create an account with username/password for most gambling sites.

How do gambling promos work?

Gambling promos are incentives used to attract new players to sign up with a site. Promos tend to be a monetary amount given by the company or a number of free spins or bets.

Can I place bets if/when I'm outside PA?

No, you must be within the borders of Pennsylvania to take advantage of new law. Location will be verified via IP address and/or mobile geolocation.

Is online gambling secure?

Yes. Just make sure you go to trustable sites such as SugarHouse, Parks, FanDuel, BetRivers, or any well-known casinos which may be launching sports betting platforms soon. As long as you bet on licensed and reliable companies, gambling is safe.

Best PA Gambling: Editor's choice


Up to $500 risk-free bet

One of the leaders in daily fantasy sports, FunDuel offers a terrific site as well as a mobile app with a wide range of sports and bets available. FunDuel is easy to sign up and has multiple ways to transfer funds and many withdrawal methods.

How do I sign up with an online gambling site?

  1. Online sign up: You can easily sign up for a gambling site in the state of Pennsylvania. SugarHouse is already available online. Just go onto a betting site or the app and look for the registration section.
  2. Enter your email address: You must provide an email address to create your site account.
  3. Create a username/password: You need to create a username and have an unique password for your online account.
  4. Enter your date of birth (for age requirement): The legal sports betting age is 21 years old in the state of PA.
  5. You are good to go: Have fun!

What types of sports betting can be expected?

The lawmakers in PA have created a platform with a full range of wagers being permitted. Pretty much all of the traditional forms of betting are available including moneyline, totals, parlays, and much more.

The launch of the first online sportsbook, SugarHouse, confirmed most of the expectations and other sites, such as BetRivers, FanDuel, and Parx, are following the same model.

What’s the potential of sports betting in PA?

In one word, HUGE.

Before the taking down of PASPA in May 2018, Americans had few legal options to wager online. Bettors instead risked being caught and losing money to fraudsters in order to bet on their favourite sports or teams.

Meanwhile, the state itself missed out on a substantial amount made from the industry, an estimate of up to $400 billion thought to have gone through the betting black market.

Now, not only will customers be able to wager confidently within a regulated industry, the state will be in a position to benefit from the vast revenue made. A win-win for all concerned!

What of the excessive taxes and fees rumoured though?

Yes, there is this. High fees and taxes are threatening to hold the industry back, before it has even taken off. The burden of coughing up $10 million for a license fee and the low profit margins expected may see some betting operators think twice before setting up base in PA.

And the situation of neighbouring states?

The success of sports betting in PA may also hinge on the success of the industry in of nearby states. New Jersey are already rocking and rolling. As it stands there are eight online betting sites in the Garden State with more in the pipeline.

How quickly Pennsylvania grows may also depend on developments in New York, who has started limited sports betting but does not offer online or mobile yet, could impact heavily on the potential revenue of PA.

Basics of online sports betting for patrons of Pennsylvania

Basics of online sports betting for patrons of Pennsylvania

- You must be 21 years or over to wager

- Bettors have the choice to open account online or at land-based casino/sportsbook

- Option to bet in person, online, or on mobile device

- Must be with the borders of Pennsylvania to take advantage of new law. Location will be verified via IP address and/or mobile geolocation.

- Wagering on High school sports events prohibited

The sports of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania philadelphia eagles

Carson Wentz is the Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback.

It’s difficult to ascertain the scale to which the sport betting industry will grow in the Keystone State, especially this early on.

Yet, it surely can only head in one direction when you consider the state has eight professional teams competing across the major leagues of various sports. And with a population of nearly 13 million residents spanning Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, you can bet your bottom dollar each can call on a strong following.

More than aware of the potential of tapping into a deep and loyal fan base is Caesars Entertainment who have signed a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers.

The agreement allows Caesars to run a series of online and in-game contests to promote its various brands to 76ers fans, which they’ll be hoping, in turn, will lead to a solid customer base. In return, the 76ers will receive promotions for Caesars properties including the yet to be opened, Harrah’s Philadelphia, and be able to offer promotional perks to fans at games.

Philadelphia Phillies (MLB)

The city of Philadelphia is proud of its baseball team as the Phillies have had quite a number of MLB titles. The Fightin' Phils have won 2 World Series (1980-2008), along with 7 NL pennants and 11 East Division titles.

Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB)

The Pirates haven’t enjoyed so much success in recent times but they are a club steeped in history as their five World Series titles suggests. Currently play in the National League Central division.

Philadelphia 76ers (NBA)

The Sixers are synonymous as one of America’s great sporting institutions. With its rich history and the many legends that have turned out at Wells Fargo down the years - the likes of Wilt Chamberlain, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley among others - the team attracts a huge following.

Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)

The Eagles had been known as perennial underachievers but this subsided when the team clinched their first ever SuperBowl title in 2017. Play in the Eastern division of the National Football Conference.

Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL)

The Steelers are the oldest franchise in the American Football Conference but can back up their longevity with success having been crowned Super Bowl Champions six times.

Philadelphia Flyers (NHL)

Successive Stanley Cup wins in the early 70’s and eight Conference championships, the Flyers share a fascinating rivalry with the Penguins considered to be the best in the league.

Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL)

The other half of the famed rivalry, fans of the Penguins will point to their five Stanley Cups as an indicator of who rules the roost in the Keystone State.

Philadelphia Union (MLS)

A new face among the ever-growing list of franchises to pop up in the MLS. Seen as ‘The U’s’ were only founded in 2008, there’s not much of a history to speak of. But a strong sixth place finish in the Eastern Conference in 2018 shows evidence of a club on the up under the stewardship of coach, Jim Curtin.

Online betting in Pennsylvania

The friend who replies to your RSVP almost instantly but then fails to turn up.

This is how the situation surrounding online betting in Pennsylvania can have been described at first. Since, the friend finally showed up and got the party started.

The general feeling centred on Pennsylvania, as with other states, being in a position to fully implement sports betting and follow up with online sports betting as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

After all, the state had prepared for the moment PASPA was ripped up by legalising sports betting late in 2017.

However, that law took over a year to be activated. Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course will forever be known as the first site in the state to offer a legal single game wager when it opened its doors in November 2018.

Then, on May 28th, 2019, SugarHouse becomes first Pennsylvania casino to launch internet sports betting. Since that, Parx Casino, BetRivers, and FunDual have also entered the online world of betting offering great, easy-to-use sites for first time users as well as more experienced gamblers.

Now one of the states in the US to have a regulated sports betting industry up and running, Pennsylvania have officially joined the party alongside Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia and Rhode Island on a list slowly expanding.

Pennsylvania first bet

Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course was the first place to offer a legal single game wager in the state.

Sports Betting in PA. What's going on now?

Yes, sports betting is up and running in Pennsylvania but it’s now getting widespread across the state. The industry has been established and four sites available at the moment with three more ready to launch.

This process took longer than originally anticipated due to considerable stipulations in place making operators wary of setting foot in PA.

It seems like the domino effect has started and several other land-based casinos are in the process of applying for a sports betting licence or starting online sites.

If all goes according to plan, there could eventually be some big competition for customers in Pennsylvania to take advantage of.

Before each operator is approved, the following key points need to be in place to come in line with the new law:

· $10 million licence fee

· 36% tax on online sports betting (paid by operator, not bettor)

· A single account issued for all customers to fund all online gaming accounts

· Patrons able to sign up online for online accounts – no need to register in person.

· SugarHouse was the first sports betting online option for PA.

Parx Casino, FanDuel, SugarHouse and BetRivers have been approved to operate sportsbooks and have sports betting sites available at the moment.

After a slow start, the pace could pick up quite considerably with up to a total of seven sites paving the way for a hugely competitive market in The Keystone State from 2019 onwards.

History of gambling in PA

Though Pennsylvania are now in a position to offer its patrons the chance to partake in online slots, online poker, daily fantasy games and sports betting as a result of becoming the fourth state in the US to allow online gambling, patrons of Pennsylvania haven’t been completely starved of gambling activity.

Legal gaming has been a thing in the Keystone State since 2004 and the allowance of slot parlours to operate virtual lottery terminals.

Six years later, this was expanded to poker leading to the creation of 12 casinos sites in the state. Horse racing has also been a go-to for gamblers.

As part of the law drawn up in preparation for online sports betting, Pennsylvania authorised a state online lottery, which has been running since May 2018. Players do not have to be residents of Pennsylvania to play but must be at least 18 years old to take part.