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From horse racing to the lottery, to bingo and casinos, gambling in Pennsylvania is deep rooted. Same goes for the state’s love of its eight major league sports teams. No surprise then to see the Keystone State open its doors to legalised sports betting when the opportunity arose. Better still, the industry is available online granting Pennsylvanians the freedom to gamble wherever, whenever they wish.


Legal online gambling options: Sports Betting, Casino

Your guide to Legal Online Gambling in PA

Ding dong! The bell is ringing loud and clear for PA online gambling. This means betting on the Phillies, the Eagles or the 76ers, or enjoying the thrill of the casino has never been easier for Pennsylvanians!

If you’re game for a flutter, there are a top bunch of PA sports betting sites and online casino sites to pick from. Keep it here for unbiased reviews, how to bet on your favorite team and everything in between.

Pennsylvania online gambling FAQ

The most important nuggets of knowledge regarding online gambling in PA.

Can you gamble online in PA?

Yes. Both online sports betting sites and online casinos are licensed to operate in the Quaker state.

Is online gambling safe?

Yes, it has never been more secure in fact. A regulated online industry, which PA now has, safeguards players and prevents online gamblers from being exploited. As long as you stick to betting sites and reputable companies fully licensed to operate within said regulated industry, you will have no problem.

When did PA online gambling launch?

Mobile PA sports betting went live in May 2019, SugarHouse the first online sportsbook over the line. Three online casino gambling sites launched in July 2019 to expand PA gambling once more.

Is sports gambling legal in PA?

Yes! The law allows for sports betting on both professional and collegiate events. Wagers can be placed via a mobile, website or in person.

What is the legal age for sports gambling in PA?

Players need to be at least 21 years old to gamble on sports in the state of Pennsylvania. Same applies for PA online casinos.

How do I sign up with a Pennsylvania gambling site?

You’ll need to enter your basic information into the registration page. This includes name, address, the last four digits of your Social Security number. A means of payment is needed next to fund your account (eg. Debit/credit card, e-wallet). Bear in mind some sportsbooks may offer a welcome bonus in the shape of a free bet.

Can I gamble online if/when I’m outside PA?

You must be physically located within state lines to gamble. You’ll still be able to access lines and games via a gambling app/site but you will be prevented from playing for money via mobile geolocation technology.

Do I need to be a resident of Pennsylvania to gamble?

No, this is not a requirement. So long as your location is verified as in Pennsylvania, you can play.

When will online poker start in PA?

Glad you asked because PA online poker is officially live following the launch of PokerStars PA. The Quaker State welcomed the world’s largest online poker site November 4 to become the first poker operator to go live in PA.

Is FanDuel legal in PA?

Yes. FanDuel Sportsbook PA launched July 2019 and is the early market leader. The sportsbook, partnered with Valley Forge Casino Resort, offers new players a risk-free bet up to $500.

Best PA Gambling site


Risk-free bet up to $1000 in site credit

Far from a one trick pony, the fantasy sports powerhouse continue to go from strength to strength with its superb online sports offering. The market leader of NJ sports betting have pulled away from the competition in the Keystone state too, claiming over half the market share.

Online Gambling in Pennsylvania

The door has swung wide open for online gambling in the Keystone state.

Online sportsbooks and online casinos are live in Pennsylvania with both accessible via mobile apps. This means Pennsylvanians can wager on sports and play casino games - or both at the same time - wherever, whenever they wish.

Pennsylvania’s very own SugarHouse became the first to launch an online sportsbook in May 2019, setting the path for local PA brands Rivers and Parx, as well as FanDuel and Fox Bet to follow suit.

DraftKings and Unibet are the newest additions to the gambling options in the Quaker State, the former renewing the rivalry it shares with fellow fantasy sports giants in three other states.

The first PA online casinos rolled out on the same day in July of 2019 per legislation. Parx Casino and Hollywood Casino weren’t alone for too long however, SugarHouse adding its online casino offering to the already launched sportsbook barely two days later.

PokerStars is the newest casino to launch in the Keystone State allowing the opportunity to play poker online.

Of significance early on is the stark potential of PA online gambling. Barely a few months in the numbers are booming and the launch dates keep on coming.

The Keystone state has all the makings of a gambling industry to rival them all - New Jersey included

With a population of 12.8 million and eight major league teams across the big four sports (and soccer), the Keystone state has all the makings of a gambling industry to rival them all - New Jersey included.

How to sign up with a PA online gambling site

  1. Decide on a sportsbook: pick a betting site from the bunch above and click the green tab
  2. Complete registration: enter personal information (name, address, DOB, email address, last four digits of SSN)
  3. Create account information: come up with a username and password you will remember
  4. Deposit funds: select a way of funding your account from the options available to you and make a deposit
  5. Set-up complete: and away you go (remember to have fun but gamble responsibly).

Pennsylvania Gambling Laws and Regulations

  • PA Online Gambling regulated by Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB)
  • Sports betting license cost: $10 million
  • Officials, coaches, players forbidden from betting on their own sports
  • Esports wagering not included in legislation
Player’s perspective: The need to know info
  • Must be at least 21 to gamble
  • Need to be physically located in PA to place a bet
  • Wager via an app, online or in person
  • Pennsylvania residency not required to gamble
  • Bet on pro sports and college games

Online sports betting sites in Pennsylvania

Where to bet

There are currently six PA online sportsbooks for sports bettors to get busy with.

Options comprise of established operators in FanDuel and DraftKings, local names SugarHouse and Rivers, the recently re-branded Fox Bet (previously BetStars) and well respected European powerhouse, Unibet.

We expect more big names to announce PA launch dates through 2020 including William Hill, Hollywood Sportsbook and Caesars Sportsbook.

Best Deposit Bonus PA

  1. Up to $500 risk-free bet

  2. 20% up to $500

  3. 100% up to $250

  4. 100% up to $250

  5. 100% up to $100

Sports betting PA

Pennsylvania isn’t short of a pro sports team. Or Seven! (Eight if you include the MLS).

Whether you’re betting on the Phillies, the Pirates, the 76ers, the Eagles, the Steelers, the Flyers or The Penguins, there are plenty of home teams to get behind in the Quaker state.

Here are the most common wagers you can expect to see when betting in PA.

Money Line

The most typical bet placed is on the winner of a game. With the wager comprising only two options, a favorite and an underdog, your chances to win are higher than any other bet, hence its popularity.

Point Spread

This bet works to bring about better odds and value between two teams of contrasting ability.

For instance, if a team is heavily backed and expected to win, it will take a significant stake to yield just a small amount of profit - it’s hardly worth making a bet!

A point spread helps to address the balance in ability between two teams

A point spread helps to address the balance in ability between two teams, whilst bringing more value in the odds and wager overall. For the purpose of the wager, the team favored to win starts with a points handicap and the underdog an advantage.

Backing the favorite to win the line means they must not only win, but win by the specified number of points to overcome the deficit set. Alternatively, you can wager on the underdog to defend the advantage, or, win the game outright. The beauty of this wager is betting on the losing team can still win you money.

Totals (Over/Under)

Here, you need to predict if the total number of points scored in a game is over or under the line set by the sportsbook. Betting ‘Over’ means you think the game will produce a higher amount of points/goals suggested, with betting ‘Under', the opposite.


Often labelled a ‘sucker bet’ or an exotic wager, it’s true that a lot needs to happen to win a parlay. Not least because this kind of bet requires you predicting the right outcome on a number of games, not just one.

A high risk, high rewards wager

Of course, high risk brings the potential for significant winnings, however, it is often given a wide berth by the majority of bettors looking to turn profit quickly.


Another example of an exotic wager is a prop bet. These bets are of a more fun nature and do not require a team to win for you to succeed. Here, you can pretty much bet on anything related to the game including the pre-match coin toss, the team to score the first touchdown or who the MVP will be. It’s even possible to bet on the length of the National Anthem!


A wager made on how a team will perform over a set period is referred to as a Futures wager. You could be betting on a team to reach the playoffs or win the World Series.

Place a futures wager before the event/competition begins

For the best value, placing a wager before a season or competition begins is highly recommended.

Betting on MLB

The city of Philadelphia is proud of its baseball team with the Philadelphia Phillies having posted a number of MLB titles down the years. The Fightin' Phils have won 2 World Series (1980-2008), along with 7 NL pennants and 11 East Division titles.

How a MLB Money Line works

  • Phillies -150 (a $150 wager is needed to win $100)
  • Miami Marlins +150 (a $100 wager needed to win $150)
How a MLB Run Line works

Baseball’s version of the point spread, a Run Line wager can significantly enhance your account balance if played right.

Generally, for betting on the MLB, the run line is set at -1.5 for the favorite and +1.5 for the underdog, as below:

Philadelphia Phillies -1.5 (favorite)

Miami Marlins +1.5 (underdog)

As with a standard point spread, a wager on the favorite - in this case The Phillies - means they must win by more than 2 runs for you to win your bet. A bet on the underdog, The Marlins, would require Miami to either win the game or lose by one run.

Betting on NFL

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the oldest franchise in the American Football Conference but can back up their longevity with success having been crowned Super Bowl Champions six times.

The Philadelphia Eagles had been known as perennial underachievers but this subsided when the team clinched their first ever SuperBowl title in 2017. Play in the Eastern division of the National Football Conference.

Whether it’s the Steelers or the Eagles, the NFL offers heaps of fun for sports bettors of all levels. The point spread remains the most common way to bet on the NFL and the wager you’ll see most of.

How a NFL Point Spread works

  • Steelers -5.5 (-110)
  • Cincinnati Bengals +5.5 (-110)

The example above has the Steelers down as the favorites. To ‘cover the spread’ (what is required of The Steelers to win the line), a winning margin of 6 points, or more, is required. The .5 avoids the possibility of a push or a tie by determining a clear winner - a 6 point margin wins it for the Steelers but a point less and the line goes the way of the Bengals.

Betting on NHL

With successive Stanley Cup wins in the early 70’s and eight Conference championships in total, the Philadelphia Flyers have a famed history and share a fascinating rivalry with the Penguins considered to be the best in the league.

The other half of the famed rivalry, fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins will point to their five Stanley Cups as an indicator of who rules the roost in the Keystone State.

It’s good to know how to bet on the NHL

Whichever side of the fence you fall, it’s good to know how to bet on the NHL. While the Money line attracts the most amount of wagers, the Puck line is also a very worthwhile and popular bet in hockey.

How a NHL Money Line works

  • New York Rangers +100
  • Penguins -120

In NHL betting, sportsbooks tend to place a 20 point margin between the favorite and underdog, regardless if the favorite is strongly fancied. This means you can often find high value bets when betting on NHL games.

From looking at the example above, the minus sign denotes the favored team, in this case, the Penguins. The number next to the symbol (120) indicates how much a bettor needs to wager to earn $100.

The plus sign given to New York Rangers shows them as the underdogs. The +100 tells the bettor that for every $100 wagered, the payout is $100.

How a Puck Line works

  • New York Rangers +1.5 (-150)
  • Penguins -1.5 (+160)

Exclusive to Hockey, the Puck Line is a cross between a point spread bet and a money line bet and similar to the Run Line featured in baseball.

Since hockey games are generally low scoring, it is unlikely to see the spread exceed 1.5 goals either way. In this case, this means you’re betting on the Penguins to win by two or the New York Rangers to not lose by two.

Potential payouts can be calculated by the odds, presented in brackets.

The -150 listed for the Penguins would require a wager of $150 for you to win $100.

A $100 bet on New York Rangers to cover the spread would yield a total winnings of $260 ($160 + $100 stake).

Of course, all of this talk of $100 doesn’t mean you have to bet $100, this is

A $10 bet would bring a winnings pot of $26 ($16 + $10 stake).

Betting on NBA

The Sixers are synonymous as one of America’s great sporting institutions. With its rich history and the many legends to have turned out at Wells Fargo down the years including Wilt Chamberlain, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, the team attracts a huge following.

Quite what wager it seen as most popular when it comes to betting on NBA in Pennsylvania remains up for debate. But we’ll bounce through the two most common below.

How a NBA Money Line works

  • Atlanta Hawks +180
  • Philadelphia 76ers -200

As in other sports, the most simple wager to understand is the Money Line. And this is no different when betting on the NBA.

Using the example above we can see the 76ers, assigned the minus (-) value, are the favorites with the Atlanta Hawks, assigned the positive (+) value, the underdogs.

As the favorites, a wager on the 76ers in this case means you will have to wager $200 to win $100. Of course the $100 is used for example purposes - a $20 wager will win $10, $10 = $5. Whichever way you look at it, you’re not getting much in the way of a return for the 76ers winning as they’re so heavily fancied.

In stark contrast, if you were to bet on the Hawks, the +180 indicates the potential winnings ($180) from a $100 bet. Broken down a $50 bet will see you net $90. Greater risk = greater rewards.

How a NBA Point Spread works

  • Atlanta Hawks +6.5 (-110)
  • Philadelphia 76ers -6.5 (-110)

No picking an outright winner here. Instead you’re betting against the spread. What’s essential to remember is a bet on the favorite requires the team to win by a specified number of points, with the underdog needing to avoid losing by a set number of points.

As the favorites, the 76ers, for the purpose of the bet, are already losing the game by seven points before the game starts. If you were to put money on them, they’d need to win by 7 points or more for the line to win.

On the other side, a losing margin of less than 7 points, or an outright victory, sees them win the line.

United Gamblers Tip

Point spread betting

You may also hear a Point Spread bet referred to as 'betting against the spread', 'betting the spread', ATS.

Online casino PA

Where to play

Online gambling in Pennsylvania is in full flow. In addition to sports betting, it’s possible to gamble at online casinos in PA too:

Here’s where you can play right now:

  • SugarHouse Casino
  • Hollywood Casino
  • PokerStars Casino
  • Parx Casino
  • Unibet Casino

Each offering is available via a mobile app allowing residents the chance to play their favorite games from their phones.

As well as the ability to play as and when, new players can benefit from an online casino bonus that comes hand-in-hand with signing up with a company for the first time.

United Gamblers Recommends

SugarHouse Online Casino PA

100% up to $250 deposit match bonus

  • #1 Online Casino in PA
  • Launched: July 2019
  • Partnered with: Rush Street Interactive/Kambi
  • Available via: iOS, Android, Desktop

Best payment methods for Gambling in PA

With regulated online gambling in PA, players are able to deposit and withdraw via one of the many methods available:

PA Deposit Methods

Credit/Debit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express

E-wallet: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller

Prepaid cards: specific debit cards offered by the operator

eCheck/ACH transfer: electronic transfer requires verification

PayNearMe: Pay in cash at a 7-Eleven store

Casino Cage Payments: Pay in-person at the physical sportsbook/casino

Wires/Money Orders: Old school methods still get the job done

Note however, not all online gambling sites will accept the same payment methods. For specific details we recommend checking the review page of each operator.

PA Online Gambling: A short history of

2019 and the Online gambling in Pennsylvania is thriving. But how did we reach this stage?

Horse racing in Pennsylvania

It all began with horse racing which flourished in the state during the 1700’s and 1800’s. Even though it was prohibited by state law, watching and betting on our four legged friends remained an unshakable pastime for Pennsylvanians.

It wasn’t until 1959 however, horse racing in PA was legalized. The state eventually caved into pressure from the industry which was regularly taken out of PA to avoid state law.

PA online gambling

Meadows RaceTrack and Casino, still in operation today having opened in 1963, became one of the first horse racing tracks to house the sport under the new law.

By legalizing racing, Pennsylvania was able to keep the money generated in-state, much like how online sports betting came to be today, you could say.

Slot machines in Pennsylvania

The state’s horse racing tracks were to become home for a gaming expansion not long after the new millennium. The revenue generated from slot machines would go toward funding issues in the state including schooling.

With legislation passed in 2004, the path was laid out for seven racetracks to apply for slot licenses and five standalone slot casino licenses to be created.

The revenue generated from slot machines (believed to be $3 million a year), along with the licensing fees to come from potential casinos, leff the state flush. From here, it was a case of never go back.

Table games in Pennsylvania

The economic collapse of 2008 brought a deficit in terms of the state’s budget, leaving another gaming expansion as one of the only viable ways to generate funds.

A quick fix was to allow existing casinos to introduce table games, which was legalized in 2010. Despite concerns from the man signing off the bills, Governor Ed Rendell, the $3 billion in gross gaming revenue generated each year in the state’s 12 casinos resulted in PA becoming the second largest gaming state.

PA Online Gambling

Mooted around the Keystone State from 2013, it wasn’t until 2015 HB 649 was crafted with the aim of legalizing online gambling in Pennsylvania.

However, it was two years later another bill HB 271, allowing for online casinos, Online Poker, Daily Fantasy Sports, Video Gambling Terminals and Sports betting, was signed into law.

Fast forward 24 months and the online gambling expansion, beginning with sports wagering in summer 2019 and continuing with online casino gambing, is complete following the official launch of online poker in the fall of 2019.