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West Virginia

West Virginia has regulated sports betting and it seems, like "almost Heaven", online sports wagering is just around the corner. Just as popular as " Take Me Home, Country Roads", sports is a huge part of the the Mountaineers` way of life and WV is close to allow gambling in its entirety, including mobile sports betting.

West Virginia

Online Sports Betting is legal in West Virginia

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West Virginia sports betting is up and running with 3 casinos running the show and a couple more business ready to kickoff. Looking for more info? You came to the right place as we provide everything you need to know about gambling in WV.

Frequently asked questions about West Virginia gambling

If you want to read more specific details about gambling in West Virginia, we suggest you dig deeper into this text, or check our the more specific sports betting or casino-pages about the Mountain State. Otherwise, here is a quick run-down of the most important nuggets of knowledge.

Is it legal to bet in West Virginia?

Yes, sports betting is legal in West Virginia. Several casinos have obtained licenses to operate in the state of WV.

When did it become legal?

In March 2018 the mountain state passed act in anticipation of favourable Supreme Court ruling.

Where in West Viriginia can I bet?

Three land-based casinos offer sports betting as of now: Mountaineer Casino, The Greenbrier, and Hollywood Casino.

Is there any restrictions for sports betting?

Very little. Wagering option on high school sports events is forbidden.

Is online gambling available in West Virginia?

Online sports wagering not yet live but seems to be just around the corner.

Are there any online sportsbooks coming to WV?

Yes, FanDuel are set to become first online sportsbook with several other operators on deck and ready to enter the online market in WV.

How do I sign up for a sports betting account?

You can visit one of the casinos to set up an account. However, bettors will soon be able to register remotely for an account.

Is gambling safe in WV?

Yes. Land-based casinos are 100% and the soon-to-be-available online version should offer secure sites as well.

Online betting in West Virginia

Calling number five!

West Virginia have joined New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi and of course, Nevada, in rolling out regulated sports betting, becoming the fifth state to make their move in the wake of the favourable ruling on the industry in the Supreme Court.

Perhaps even more exciting for patrons of the Mountain State is the framework passed will allow for sports betting in its entirety, including mobile sports betting.

Where other states have toyed with the idea of sports betting and still continue to do so, the lawmakers in West Virginia have acted decisively and followed through with their original intentions, much to the delight of bettors eager to wager on their favourite sports and teams.

Current status

- Sports betting Legal

- WV Passed act in March 2018 in anticipation of favourable Supreme Court ruling

- Three land-based casinos offer sports betting as of now

- Remaining two more had sports betting status approved

- Online sports wagering not yet live but thought to be just around the corner

- FanDuel to become first online sportsbook

West virginia legal betting 2
Here is the state of play as of December 2018:

· Hollywood Casino/William Hill US

· The Greenbrier/ FanDuel Sportsbook

· Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort/ William Hill US

All systems go with WV Sports betting…

In keeping with the early desire to approve operators in time for the 2018/19 NFL season, the WV Lottery commission, the industry regulators, kicked off WV sports betting by presenting Hollywood Casino with the honour of taking the state’s first legal sports wager.

Mountaineer Casino in New Cumberland followed shortly after.

FanDuel, are also early players in the WV market, as they were in New Jersey and have the desire to do in Massachusetts and others unquestionably. They can be found operating in The Grenbier in the Allegheny mountains, an offbeat location but nonetheless open for business in terms of physical sports betting.

It’s the arrival of online sports wagering we’re all waiting for though.

FanDuel are confirmed as the first online sportsbook in WV and are literally awaiting the green light from the authorities to press on.

Meanwhile, William Hill US, already with an online operations running in Nevada and New Jersey, have partnered with both Hollywood Casino and the Moutaineer Casino to offer online sports betting.

Other online operators with a firm interest in entering the online market in WV include DraftKings, Bet365, 888, and Betstars.

But what’s the hold up with sports betting online in WV?

Hollywood Casino became the first legal on-land sportsbook in West Virginia and with William Hill confirmed as its strategic partner, an online offering was expected to quickly follow. However, it appears this is no longer the case with ‘technical issues’ cited for the delay so far.

For Mountaineer Casino, the picture regarding matters online is even less certain at present. They have yet to complete the testing of a prospective app required before mobile wagering can begin. There’s little to suggest this situation will change anytime soon but seen as William Hill can call on their experience of apps created for Nevada and New Jersey, the process may not be as far away as we think from being complete.

The early uninspiring performance of the sportsbook up at The Greenbier isn’t thought to have much of an impact on the online side of things.

We all know how difficult the resort is to get to.

It’s believed FanDuel would’ve viewed any success on the back of its land-based operation a bonus anyway with the operator’s main aim of trying to tap into a market based on the assumption this is something residents of WV not only wish for but, in actual fact, needs.

There’s the potential for all three casinos to be eclipsed by the state’s two other casinos aiming to launch physical and online wagering at the same time.

Mardi Gras and Wheeling Island to debut before them all

Mardi Gras and Wheeling Island are both owned by Delaware North, already a name in the gambling industry through the nine other casinos it owns across the US.

According to state lottery officials, both casinos are known to have completed the testing required, opening the door for each to roll out retail and online sports betting concurrently in WV.

No date has yet to be announced but it’s a foregone conclusion online sports betting will be live in West Virginia early in 2019.s

Basic rules and regulations of WV online sports betting

For players:

  • Players must be at least 21 years of age to bet on sports, 18 years for Esports betting
  • Betting on sport online requires you to be located within the borders of the state (Gelocation will be used to determine this)
  • You do not need to be a resident of WV to bet
  • Bettors can register remotely for an account

For casinos:

  • Wagering option on high school sports events forbidden
  • Each casino subject to $100,000 license fee
  • 10% of revenue to be paid to the state

Online sports betting only viable and sustainable option for WV

Any initial problems implementing online sports betting across West Virginia should be taken with a pinch of salt. Everybody knows online wagering is sure to happen. Unlike other states it also needs to happen.

West Virginia needs online betting more than most because of its rural location.

The industry will not survive on the footfall each physical sportsbook receives; the majority of the locations are inconvenient and require bettors to out of their way in order to place a simple wager.

In this day and age this is too much to ask for. Besides, considering how widely used mobile devices are used today, an online option simply has to exist to maximise revenue opportunity.

Plenty of gambling options already in WV

Sports betting may just be getting started and online betting at the preliminary stage but there is already plenty of gambling activity taking place in the Mountain State.

Casino gambling has been a thing since 1994. The five licensed establishments have offered all traditional casino games, while mobile horse betting platforms have existed for many a year.

You’ll also come across video lottery games in some casinos, in addition to a wide variety of slots.

The passionate sports culture in WV will play its part in sport betting surpassing any form of gambling to have existed in West Virginia, despite the lack of a major professional sports team to back in the state.

No teams? No problem!

West virginia mountaineers

West Virginia will allow sports betting in its entirety, including mobile sports betting.

Believe it or not, there is not a single major league professional team in WV. That’s not to say that you must only support and follow the major leagues; you may be a fan of one of the minor league baseball teams in Charleston, Bluefield or Bluetown or the minor hockey league played in Wheeling.

But it’s the biggest teams and the major leagues that are most likely to be covered by the sportsbooks.

Fortunately, the population of WV are renowned for being avid followers of the major leagues regardless of who’s taking part. So once online sportsbooks have been fully rolled out, you can expect all of the major sports you enjoy watching – NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL – and some of the less popular – soccer, golf, tennis etc – to feature numerous markets for you to lay some dollars on.