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It's all systems go for legal online gambling in Indiana, home of “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” - the world famous Indy 500. From how to bet on the Colts, The Pacers or indeed, The Indy 500, this page will reveal all. Hoosiers, start your engines!


Legal online gambling options: Sports betting

Your guide to Legal Online Gambling in Indiana

Asked to predict the front runners of US online gambling, few would have had money on The Hoosier State. But online gambling in Indiana is ticking along nicely. Especially in terms of online sports betting.

Before betting, consider this guide for the complete picture of IN online gambling. Whether you’re looking for sportsbooks in Indiana, or, how to wager on your favorite sport, count on us to show you the way.

Indiana online gambling FAQ

Get up to speed with the sports betting capital of the Midwest! We have all the corners covered when it comes to online betting in Indiana. Short on time? Read our quickfire answers to the most common questions asked.

Is online gambling legal in Indiana?

Indiana expanded its gambling landscape to include online sports betting on October 3rd, following on quickly after the launch of sports betting on September 1st. The legislation does not include online casino games however so online gambling consists of sports betting only.

Can I bet on sports from my mobile device?

Yes. The Indiana sports betting bill allows bettors to wager from their mobile device anywhere within state lines.

Where can I bet on sports in Indiana?

Betting on sports in Indiana is possible anywhere within Indiana. Players wager at their own convenience from a mobile app or betting site. But there’s also the option of visiting one of the land based casinos in person too.

Who can offer Indiana sports betting?

Only fully licensed casinos can apply for a licence to operate a sportsbook. Licenses are issued upon casinos paying the required license fee. In this instance $100,000.

What is the best Indiana sportsbook?

The choice in Indiana may only currently amount to three sportsbooks. But when two of those happen to be arguably the best, there’s a lot to be excited about! Choosing which of DraftKings or FanDuel comes out on top best comes down to personal preference and depends what you’re looking for from a sportsbook. Both offer enticing welcomes bonuses: DraftKings offer a free $25 just for signing up, FanDuel a $500 risk free bet, while you can earn upto $250 at the third betting site launched, BetRivers.

Is DraftKings legal in Indiana?

Yes, DraftKings is fair game for online sports betting in Indiana - get going with creating an account here. The DFS giants are now running online operations in three states having already launched in New Jersey and West Virginia, as well as retail sports betting in Mississippi and New York.

Who regulates sports betting in Indiana?

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) are responsible for regulating the industry and ensuring the safety of IN sports bettors.

Can I play at online casinos in Indiana?

Good question. At this moment in time, online casinos in Indiana are strictly forbidden. So much so that the state is known to criminalize gamblers caught playing casino games online. Casino sites accepting Indiana players are not complying with US law; these are what we refer to as offshore sites operating outside the US in order to circumvent the rules. Players who gamble at such sites risk losing money since there are no regulations in place to safeguard the industry. Not to mention the threat of prosecution.

Do I have to reside in Indiana to bet?

No. You can be a visitor or even simply passing through and you will still be able to place a legal wager. All the legislation requires of you is to be located within state borders at the time a wager is placed. Geolocation technology will determine your exact location to prior to betting in Indiana anyhow.

Can I play online poker in Indiana?

Right now, no. Bill H 1015 does not include legislation for online poker. However, the likeliness of this changing in the near future is high. If anticipated regulated online sports betting operates successfully, online gambling in Indiana will expand to include online poker and online casino. This is the general situation across the country.

Best Indiana sportsbook Bonus

DraftKings Sportsbook Indiana

New customers = $500 risk-free bet

The Colts? The Pacers? The Indy 500? Whatever your team, whatever your sport, bettors in Indiana have the luxury of being able to wager on one of the most complete online platforms going. Come on Hoosiers, what are you waiting for?

Online Gambling in Indiana

And we’re off with regulated gambling in Indiana!

Not long after the seamless launch of legal sports betting in Indiana, The Hoosier State is motoring along with online sports betting.

Wager on sports anywhere in the state from a mobile device

As part of the bill, sports bettors in Indiana are able to wager on sports anywhere in the state from a mobile device or laptop.

The Hoosier State becomes the fourth state to offer full scale mobile wagering after New Jersey, Pennyslvania and West Virginia.

How to sign up to an Indiana online gambling site

  1. Set Up Account - create a username and password and enter e-mail address. If applicable, enter promo code also to claim bonus.
  2. Verify Information - provide personal details such as full name, address, DOB. Have the last 4 digits of your social security number at hand.
  3. Secure Account - enter your preferred means of payment, i.e debit/credit card, e-wallet, bank transfer
  4. Confirm Location - make sure location settings on your mobile device are enabled and wait for Geolocation to confirm you in Indiana. Job done!

Creating a gambling account in Indiana

You can get started on your desktop through a website, or, mobile device via a sportsbook app.

Setting yourself up with a sports betting account in Indiana will follow the same process across all the major US sports betting operators.

It's important to remember that the basic information you need to provide will always remain the same regardless of the platform used (desktop/mobile app).

Both are as straightforward as the other, although, it must be said, signing up with an app to begin with brings another level of convenience to your betting entirely.

Indiana Gambling Laws and Regulations

  • Full-scale mobile and online sports betting (does not require in-person registration)
  • 9.5% tax rate for sportbsooks
  • Wagering forbidden on esports or amateur athletes under 18
  • No online poker or casino games permitted
  • IGC can place limitations on live betting options
  • Must be at least 21 to gamble
Indiana gambling laws

Indiana online betting sites

How does the online industry shape up?

When it comes to online sports betting, Indiana sportsbooks must partner with a casino partner to launch.

The link-ups are confirmed, although, so far, only three of of a potential fourteen have gone live.

Expect plenty of movement in the coming months as competition begins to increase further.

Sportsbook/Casino Partnerships

DraftKings sportsbook (Ameristar Casino) - Launched Oct 3, 2019

BetRivers sportsbook (French Lick Resort Casino) - Launched Oct 3, 2019

FanDuel sportsbook (Blue Chip Casino) - Launched October 26, 2019

BetMGM sportsbook (Belterra Casino) - Launched February, 28 2020

Caesars sportsbook (Horseshoe Casino) - TBA

William Hill sportsbook (Tropicana Evansville) - TBA

Bets available in Indiana

Money line: Simply bet on the winner. All lines are based on a $100 wager. Favorites assigned a negative (-) value (showing what’s needed to win $100), underdogs as a positive (+) showing the potential returns from a $100 bet.

Totals: Predict the number of points scored by both teams. The sportsbook will set a total based on the two teams. Your task is to predict Over or Under the line set.

Pointspread: Used as a leveller between two teams of contrasting abilities. For the purpose of the bet, the underdog begins with a points advantage the favorite then must overcome. Whether the favorite is able to ‘cover the spread’ is a term you’ll hear a lot.

Parlay: Whereas a moneyline is a single bet, a parlay is a series of bets on different teams. Calling this one right can bring significant winnings. However, all picks must be right for the wager to win.

Props: Any bet relating to the performance of a player or an event within the game. For instance, how many points or touchdowns a player will score. How long the national anthem will last at the Super Bowl is an example of the range of stuff you can wager on.

Futures: The winner of a league or tournament. Or next season’s player of the year. For the best odds, this wager is usually placed prior to and well in advance of the event starting.

Sports betting bonuses - Indiana sportsbooks

Sports bettors in Indiana are already benefitting from some of the best welcome bonsues on the market.

The common bonuses for new customers in Indiana will come in the form of a:

  • No Deposit Bonus/Free bet
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Promotion

Alongside trying to win new custom, sportsbooks have the task of retaining existing bettors too. This is especially important in highly competitive markets such as New Jersey where players have a wide selection of sportsbooks to go between.

Bonuses for existing customers tend to come via:

  • Loyalty Reward offers
  • Promotions

United Gamblers Explains

Why do online gambling sites offer welcome bonuses?

A bettor who enters a land based sportsbook or casino has the intention to wager. The probability of he/she handing money over the kiosk to bet is very high.

Since this isn’t possible online, betting sites use free bets and betting bonuses to incentivize customers to sign up and bet. They do so by offering a variety of bonuses all of whih come in different shapes and sizes.

Since competition has never been so intense, you’ll find sportsbooks are very generous with their offerings in the hope of securing a signature ahead of rival operators.

Online sportsbooks in Indiana - Deposits and withdrawals

Once you have an account, you will need to deposit funds, if you're going to start playing for real money.

Now we have regulated online sportsbooks in Indiana, all betting operators should provide plenty of options for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Here are the most common options:

  • Debit/Credit cards: VISA/Mastercard
  • E-wallets: PayPal, Skrill, Neteller
  • Bank transfers: e-checks (ACH transfers), billpay
  • Cash: Casino cage at land-based sportsbook, PayNearMe, 7Eleven stores

Bear in mind, the options above may vary between sportsbooks.

Should you have any issues regarding payment methods in Indiana you're best to contact the customer service team at your sportsbook directly.

Betting on the Colts

The global appeal of NFL puts football at the top of the agenda of many a sport bettor across the states, Indiana very much included.

The state’s football team, The Indianapolis Colts were one of the NFL originals

One of the NFL originals

But not as the Colts. Indiana’s most popular sports team actually has its roots in Baltimore but was upped and moved west in 1984.

Two Superbowl wins, one in its former life and the other as recent as 2006 begs the question as to when the team enjoyed most of its success.

16 playoff appearances and two conference championships since being relocated tilts the scales in favour of the franchise having a better time of it in The Hoosier state.

How to bet on The Colts

If you’re pondering a wager on the Colts, consider a money line wager.

The Money Line is by far the most common and simplest form of sports betting which can be found across the majority of sports, generally speaking.

A meeting of two teams, or two competitors (if we’re talking boxing/MMA) will always generate one favorite and one underdog.

In order to determine this, a number of factors are considered including league standings, form, home field advantage, injuries and head-to-head results.

Typically, bettors find more value betting on the underdog where a small risk can reap big rewards

Example of a money line bet

The real-life example of a few years back demonstrates this:

  • The Indianapolis Colts -600
  • Tennessee Titans +450

Here, the favourites, assigned a minus (-) value on a money line, are the Colts. The Titans are the underdogs as the plus (+) value indicates.

In terms of monetary value the -600 given to the colts tells us that one must lay $600 in order to win $100. In other words, because the probability of them winning is high, the rewards are small.

A stake of some significance is required to win a notable amount and it’s this high risk with low reward which turns bettors elsewhere…

Enter the underdog. In this case, a successful bet on the Titans +450 will turn $100 into $450, a scenario of more appeal to a bettor who can wager less and stand to win more.

Betting on the Pacers

It’s not all about the NFL though. The Indiana Pacers are the state’s NBA reps and do a mighty fine job of flying the flag for IN.

Named as a result of the state’s history of speedway racing history, The Pacers have won three championships and nine division titles in all.

How to bet on The Pacers

As is the case with any sport which produce high scoring games, sportsbooks use a Point Spread to equalize the chances of either team winning a wager.

The ‘go-to’ wager for bettors

Betting on whether a team can cover the spread is the ‘go-to’ wager for bettors who want to see some value or want to bet on something different other than a team simply winning the match.

If you’re new to betting, this particular wager can seem difficult at first but essentially all a point spread does is pose questions of the teams involved.

For instance...

Will Team A demonstrate their attacking prowess and win by a significant margin? Rr, will Team B put in a defensive masterclass and restrict their opponents to a close encounter?

Example of a Point spread bet

Let’s take a look at an example of how a point spread works:

  • Atlanta Hawks +5.5
  • Indiana Pacers - 5.5

As with the money line, the plus (+) and minus (-) signs denote the favourite (Pacers) and underdog (The Hawks). The only difference is the addition of the points.

Going by the above, for a wager on the Pacers to bear fruit will require a winning margin of 6 points or more.

If you wager on the Hawks, you’ll need them to avoid losing by more than 6 points. So a defeat of less than 6 points, or, a win of course will see your bet come up trumps!

The .5 used avoids all prospect of a tie or push from occurring, guaranteeing a winner one way or the other.


Favourite - must win by more than the value given

Underdog - must avoid losing by a greater margin than the value given

Betting on The Indy 500

Indiana is home to the Greatest Spectacle in racing - the Indianapolis 500.

The 500-mile race, held annually on Memorial Day weekend, takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and is ranked as one of the most prestigious events in the motorsports calendar.

You can expect the contest to attract a capacity crowd of 400,000, that’s four hundred thousand racegoers!!

And, naturally, some betting activity too!

How to bet on The Indy 500

The most straightforward of bets is calling the winner of the race, although this can be easier said than done between the 33 cars running. A successful bet will require the driver you backed, to win the race outright.

If you fancy a particular driver to race well but not neccesarily win, you can opt for a Podium bet where if your driver finishes in one of the top three positions, you win money.

If your driver ends up on the podium, you win money

You can also pit one or, several drivers up against another in a Match-up bet. Here the driver to finish in the higher position is the winner.

If you’ve done all your homework and assessed each driver’s chances down to the last turn, you can put your money where your mouth is via a Futures bet. Identifying a winner in advance of the race will not only see you bet with clarity but, most importantly, give you the best odds.

A Prop bet removes the pressure of relying on a winner and chucks some fun into the mix at the same time. For instance, you can wager on how many caution flags there will be. Or, the first driver to DNF.

As interest in the event grows through legalized mobile betting expect the bookmakers to be more creative with what you can wager on

History of gambling in Indiana

In so many words, the language used in the bill which banned the state lottery in 1851, also prohibited any kind of gambling in Indiana.

This was the situation up until 1988 when a push was made to lift the ban. The Indiana General Assembly left it to voters who approved the industry by a 60% margin. First came the Hoosier Lottery, followed by pari-mutuel betting in 1989.

The first riverboat casino opened in 1993 was one of ten to open its doors in the early 90’s as Indiana’s online casino industry was born.

But it wasn’t until 2004 when the first land-based casino was built in French Lick.

Indiana gambling locations amount to 13

The list of gambling locations has expanded gradually and now amounts to 13, comprising nine riverboat casinos, two-land based casinos and two racinos.

Following the fall of The Professional and Amateur Act of 1992 (PASPA), which had previously banned legalized sports betting, Indiana pressed ahead with creating a legislative framework upon the door being opened in May 2018.

After a few bumps in the road, The Hoosier State launched regulated sports betting in September 2019 with online sports betting ready just a month later.