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Gentlemen, start your engines! Regulated sports betting is under way in the Hoosier State. Online betting is something you can expect too, likely as early as 2020, in the home of "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing" - the world's famous Indy 500.


Sports betting is legal in Indiana

Online sports betting in Indiana

Originally, sports betting in Indiana had been pencilled in for the beginning of 2020. So, we can call it an jump start!.

There was alwyas a good chance the industry would arrive in the Hoosier state ahead of schedule, because of the pressure to get it ready just in time for the start of the brand new NFL season. How’s that for timing!

September 1st has been earmarked as the date for operators and regulators to officially launch sports betting in Indiana, four days prior to the big kick-off at Soldier Field.

Well, it went just as it was planned.

Indianans will be able to place wagers on the most popular sport in the U.S at land based casinos, racinos and off-track betting kiosks initially, with mobile betting included in the legislation but only set to take effect once the industry is fully established.

Indiana sports betting - What it means for you

  • Legislation includes in-person wagering only initially
  • Online mobile betting to follow in time with bettors able to sign-up direct from device
  • Wagering on esports and amateur athletes under 18 forbidden
  • Wagering on all state teams permitted
  • Need to be at least 21 years old to wager (other forms of gambling, eg. horse racing and state lottery, both 18).
Indiana bill 552

Who will house sports betting?

With 14 casino facilities, 2 racetracks and a state lottery active since 1988, Indiana already has a gambling scene. However, years of declining revenue at a time of increased competition from surrounding states and tribal casinos means it’s one firmly in the doldrums.

This said, Indiana already has an infrastructure already in place to house an added form of wagering and serve it’s 6.7 million patrons.

Under the favoured bill, sports betting will be authorized at all Indiana casinos and betting facilities with a license set to cost an operator up to $70,000 per year

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) will regulate the industry.

In general, the proposed framework sits well with the various entities - it has the backing of two of the state’s larger sports entities - the Indianapolis Colts, the state’s NFL Franchise, and IndyCar racing - while the casino industry will only benefit from adding another form of gambling to its armoury.

Potential land based locations for Indiana sports betting include the following. Sportsbook operators will have to partner with the casinos below in order to offer sports betting in IN:

  • Ameristar
  • Belterra Casino
  • Blue Chip Casino
  • French Lick Resort Casino
  • Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg
  • Hoosier Park
  • Horseshoe Southern Indiana
  • Horseshoe Casino
  • Indiana Grand Casino
  • Majestic Star
  • Majestic Star II
  • Rising Star Casino Resort
  • Tropicana Evansville

Radical changes could spell trouble

At the same time, there is controversy regarding the drastic changes planned to Indiana’s brick and mortar casino landscape and the impact it could have. Should the bill come to pass, two of the state’s riverboat casinos will be re-homed.

It’s proposed one will be on the move from Gary to Terre Haute, with another - the Majestic Star, also in Gary, expected to set up a more accessible location for itself in downtown Gary.

While the touted $300 million move will help create jobs in addition to extra revenue from the casinos becoming more convenient to get to, there’s opposition in the shape of Penn National Gaming.

The casino operator is naturally concerned at the impact this projected move will have on its own casino in East Chicago, Indiana - the Ameristar.

While this issue is a potential stumbling block, the overwhelming desire for Indiana to seize the chance to turn its flailing gambling industry around, will see an expansion into sports betting regardless.

Will I be able to bet from my mobile device?

Legislators in IN are all too aware of the need to introduce online wagering for the all-round good of the state and the industry.

The technological boom has seen revenue from sports betting reach unprecedented levels across the world and even though the industry in the states remains in its infancy, we’ve already started to see the same pattern develop.

This is something you can expect in Indiana too. Bettors will essentially have the option to bet as and when with the inclusion of mobile wagering to complement in-person betting at land-based casinos.

It's important to note mobile sports betting will only launch once Indiana sports betting has become established.

Against the grain of what has transpired in the small number of states to roll out the online side of things so far, bettors in IN won't be required to set-up an account in-person.

Mobile betting a must for IN

Not only is sports betting a golden opportunity to pull in much needed finances for Indiana, online wagering is essential in trying to draw to bettors away from the black market.

Approximately $300 million per year continues to feed illegal activity, money that would be better spent on improving the lives of Indianans, I think you’ll agree. A scenario whereby players have a safe and regulated platform to gamble and money is filtered out to the correct channels is one the state is striving for.

The risks involved in seeing the process delayed is only going to have a detrimental effect on the state and players further down the line and only adds to the healthy support online sports betting already has.

Will the integrity fee be a thing in Indiana?

The subject fast becoming the most tiresome is that of the integrity fee - in fact, whether this is actually the right term remains a question in itself.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’re outright forgiven. If you haven’t though you’ll be well versed in the battle the major leagues, i.e the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL (to a lesser extent) are having in being compensated/rewarded for the use of their ‘product’.

In terms of where Indiana stands on the contentious issue, the stance is somewhat different to that taken by the majority of states to have effectively stuck two fingers up to the idea that the major leagues should earn from the industry.

As it stands, Indiana will go against the grain and include provisions to include an integrity fee as part of their legislation. As alluded to it’s unclear if this equates to money for the extra costs involved in implementing integrity measures and monitoring illegal betting activity (an integrity fee), or, an obligatory payment to be paid to each league (a royalty fee).

Should the fee become part of a quick legislative process, Indiana may well set a precedent on the issue, or, depending on how you see it, open a can of worms.

Betting on sports in Indiana

Which sports bets will be available?

The global appeal of NFL puts football at the top of the agenda of many a sport bettor across the states, Indiana very much included.

The state’s football team, The Indianapolis Colts were one of the NFL originals

But not as the Colts. Indiana’s most popular sports team actually has its roots in Baltimore but was upped and moved west in 1984.

Two Superbowl wins, one in its former life and the other as recent as 2006 begs the question as to when the team enjoyed most of its success.

16 playoff appearances and two conference championships since being relocated tilts the scales in favour of the franchise having a better time of it in The Hoosier state.

It’s not all about the NFL though. The Indiana Pacers are the state’s NBA reps and do a mighty fine job of flying the flag for IN.

Named as a result of the state’s history of speedway racing history, The Pacers have won three championships and nine division titles in all.

Indiana pacers oladipo

Indiana Pacers are named after the states speedway racing history

Betting on the NFL

If you’re pondering a wager on the Colts, we’d recommend reading up on the bets most likely to turn a profit before going all in:

The Money Line is by far the most common and simplest form of sports betting which can be found across the majority of sports, generally speaking.

A meeting of two teams, or two competitors (if we’re talking boxing for instance) will always generate one favorite and one underdog.

In order to determine this, a number of factors are considered including league standings, form, home field advantage, injuries and head-to-head results.

Bettors tend to find more value betting on the underdog where a small risk can reap big rewards

The real-life example of a few years back demonstrates such:

  • New York Giants -600
  • Dallas Cowboys +450

The favourites, assigned a minus (-) value on a money line, are the NY Giants. The Dallas Cowboys are considered to be the underdogs as the plus (+) value indicates.

In terms of monetary value the -600 given to the NY Giants tells us that one must lay $600 in order to win $100. In other words, because the probability of NY winning is high, the rewards are small.

A stake of some significance is required to win a notable amount and it’s this high risk with low reward which turns bettors elsewhere…

Enter the underdog. In this case, a successful bet on Dallas +450 will turn $100 into $450, a scenario of more appeal to a bettor who can wager less and stand to win more.

This is exactly what played out actually during the 2010-11 NFL season and is just one example of how the underdog can defy the odds, quite literally. Remember, every dog has its day!

Betting on the NBA

As is the case with any sport which produce high scoring games, sportsbooks use a Point Spread to equalize the chances of either team winning a wager.

The ‘go-to’ wager for bettors

Betting on whether a team can cover the spread is the ‘go-to’ wager for bettors who want to see some value or want to bet on something different other than a team simply winning the match.

If you’re new to betting, this particular wager can appear off putting at first but essentially all a point spread does is ask questions of the teams involved.

Will Team A demonstrate their attacking prowess and post a significant winning margin or, will Team B put in a defensive masterclass and restrict their opponents?

Let’s take a look at an example of how a point spread works:

  • Philadelphia 76ers +5.5
  • New York Knicks - 5.5

As with the money line, the plus (+) and minus (-) signs denote the favourite (NY Knicks) and underdog (Philadelphia 76ers). The only difference is the addition of the points.

Going by the above, a wager on the Knicks to bear fruit will require them to post w inning margin of 6 points or more.

If you back the 76ers to win the line, you’ll need them to avoid losing by more than 6 points. So a defeat of less than 6 points, or, a win of course will see your bet come up trumps!

The .5 used avoids all prospect of a tie or push from occurring, guaranteeing a winner one way or the other.


Favourite - must win by more than the value given

Underdog - must avoid losing by a greater margin than the value given

Betting on The Indy 500

Indiana is home to the Greatest Spectacle in racing - the Indianapolis 500.

The 500-mile race, held annually on Memorial Day weekend, takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and is ranked as one of the most prestigious events in the motorsports calendar

You can expect the contest to attract a capacity crowd of 400,000 - that’s four hundred thousand - racegoers and naturally, some betting activity too!

How best to bet on the Indy 500:

    The most straightforward of bets is calling the race winner, though this can be easier said than done between the 33 cars running. A successful bet will require the driver you backed, to win the race outright.

    Picking out a winner who you fancy to race well may not necessarily win the whole thing, may see you opt for playing the top three finish market.

    If your driver ends up on the podium, you win money.

    Variety is the spice of life, as they say. So why not pit one driver against another in a head-to-head bet? The driver to finish in the higher position is the winner.

    If you’ve done all your homework and assessed each driver’s chances down to the last turn, you can put your money where your mouth is via a future bet.

    Identifying a winner in advance of the race will not only see you bet with clarity but, most importantly, give you the best odds.

    A prop bet removes the pressure of relying on a winner and chucks some fun into the mix. For instance, how many caution flags will there be? Or which driver will be first to fall? Expect the bookmakers to be more creative as interest in the event grows through legalized mobile betting.

    Indiana indianapolis 500

    The Indianapolis 500 is also known as The Greatest Spectacle in Racing