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2 Risk-free bets up to $1000

PointsBet overview



PointsBet may be a new name in the US but the book is attracting the attention of many American sports bettors seeking to add spice to their betting. The company's brand new concept, PointsBetting, offers a refreshing alternative to traditional wagering and separates the sportsbook from the competition. What's more, an awesome welcome bonus is backed up with a range of state-specific daily promos for players in authorized states to take full advantage of. Even as one of the newest betting sites in the US, Pointsbet is already turning heads.

PointsBet score

  • Refreshing alternative to fixed-odds wagering
  • Diverse range of sports including non-U.S
  • Chunky list of betting markets
  • Limited deposit/withdrawal options
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
PointsBet quick facts
Website pointsbet.com
Deposit methodsVISA/Mastercard, PayPal, ACH (eCheck)
Withdrawal methodsBank transfer
AppsiPhone, Android
SupportLivechat, Email
Founded Year2017
HeadquarterNew Jersey

PointsBet Sportsbook NJ Promo Code

Eager to see what all the fuss is about? How about a free $50 bet to get things started?

New customers to PointsBet based in NJ can receive this no ties, no fuss offer just by signing up on the web site or via the app.

In one of the more generous offers out there, new players who deposit are also eligible to receive two free bets up to $500.

The offer carries a maximum value of $1000 and will see a bettor rewarded with one fixed odds bet and one PointsBetting bet.

Here’s how each works:

Up to $500 risk-free fixed odds bet

1. Place a traditional wager (points spread/moneyline) up to $500

2. Win = keep winnings

3. Lose = amount bet (up to $500) is refunded to your account in the shape of a bonus bet: (note this amount cannot be withdrawn as cash)

Up to $500 risk-free PointsBet

1. Place Pointsbet wager (explained below)

2. Win = keep winnings

3. Lose = bonus bets (up to $500) are issued corresponding with PointsBet wager made initially

New Jersey players - What you need to know
  • Operating in NJ as a partner of Meadowlands Racetrack
  • PointsBet licensed and regulated by New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement
  • Must be physically located within NJ - geolocation used to pinpoint location

PointsBet mobile app

From the very first visit to the website or mobile app, you can see PointsBet have set a ‘we mean business’ tone with their striking red, white and black colour combination. It’s a unique blend we've yet to see elsewhere and happen to be quite a fan of, yet, we also know not everyone will feel the same. Each to their own though!

The most popular ways to bet - spreads, totals, moneylines - are offered first and listed away from the other markets which saves time getting buried in more specific ways to bet. But even if you are against the clock, the rapid response of both platforms will see you able to place a bet at Usain Bolt like speed, don’t worry about that.

We also happen to be fond of the design and layout which has been carefully considered with the need and intentions of the user in mind.

A simple, yet, very useful tool we appreciated made account related information instantly available. By clicking your username or balance on both platforms, a dropdown will display your wallet balance, bonus bets available and your rewards balance without having to shift from the page you're on!

Downloading the app couldn't be more straightforward finally, with links relevant to your device clearly positioned at the bottom of each page on the PointsBet website.

Tell me, what is Pointsbetting?

One suspects the process will be fairly new to most bettors, yet it must be remembered the essence of predicting the outcome of a sports game remains the same.

The difference lies primarily with winnings and losses not being fixed but based instead on how correct your bet is.

Pointsbettors unite!

With fixed odds wagering for instance, potential winnings and losses are decided at the time of the wager. Let’s say you’ve placed a pretty safe looking bet on the Patriots to beat the Bengals with $100 laid on standard odds of -160.

Here, you know your potential profit will be $160 and the most you can lose is the $100 you’ve staked. No more, no less.

This changes entirely when making a PointsBet wager however where the amount a player wins or loses is determined by the margin of victory or loss of their wager.

Using our example, if the Patriots beat the Bengals by a considerable margin, the bettor is rewarded in the payout. The same principle applies should the Patriots lose. The player’s loss would grow with each additional point scored against the Patriots. Here, the bettor would lose more than the $100 he/she originally staked.

As you can see, the amount won or lost changes depending on the points scored.

The site uses default formulas for each sport to ensure points/runs are weighted according to how low or high scoring the sport is. For instance, scoring a goal in hockey is a lot more difficult than basketball. But payouts will be automatically adjusted to reflect this.

Equally thrilling and terrorizing?

A pretty accurate synopsis it’s fair to say.

Winning money you hadn’t banked on will most certainly give you a buzz and serve in adding another layer of excitement to any wager.

But there is the danger this way of betting exposes new and/or vulnerable bettors to bigger losses than intended, simply through the idea of believing they can win more.

Safety measures are available to prevent negative balances and help combat harmful losses, with players able to set a limit for the maximum amount won or lost on a wager.

Yet, should you decide to partake in Pointsbetting, we’d recommend starting small or with amounts relative to how much you stake already. That way, you can learn and become more comfortable with how this unique way of betting works without putting yourself, or your finances at risk.

How to deposit and withdraw funds at PointsBet

Most of the common methods of depositing money are at one’s disposal. This said, the options are somewhat limited at this stage, compared to competitors.

As it stands, the options extend to:

  • VISA/Mastercard
  • EML cards
  • ACH/e-check
  • PointsBet card

For withdrawing funds, the methods do not stretch beyond those listed above. Admittedly, this could be better but undoubtedly will be improved on as the company grows in popularity.

It’s important to note that players must satisfy verification requirements before withdrawing funds, as per the compliance rules the company must abide by.

In other words, if you experience difficulties at some point, you may be best contacting your card company or bank before the PointsBet support team.

You may also find account funds being withheld until a PointsBet wager has been settled. This is for no other reason than to prevent a player’s balance going into the red.

Why you should bet at PointsBet

Promos on-point

What do we want? Promos. And when do we want them? Now! Promos are great - no doubt you agree! We too love if it a sportsbook happens to be chucking out promos right, left and centre and this is certainly the case at PointsBet.

Alongside the two featured new customer bonuses mentioned above, you need to feast your eyes on the various other promos flying around

One of the more favored is the lunchtime booster odds where better odds are on offer during lunchtime during Monday to Friday. Another we particularly liked was the early payout promo which, as the name suggests, pays out on NBA and NHL moneyline wagers correct at half time and after the first period.

Innovative markets

Would you expect anything less of such a progressive company? The sportsbook offers a series of distinctive wagers you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. For example, how about putting down for the number of minutes a player takes to pass a certain number of points. Or, the time, down to seconds of the first touchdown. If you’ve done your pre-match research and hot on your stats, how about calling Quarterback completion percentage and player shooting percentages?

It’s likely your decision to go with PointsBet centers on trying Pointsbetting at some stage. But should you still want to place a fixed odds wager, you can still do so, no problem. Moneyline, point spreads and totals, as we know them are available too.

PointsBet have your back

With their unique take on sports betting the main sell, you’d expect a high level of support for new customers. And this is most definitely the case.

Learn of the different types of bet you can play and how to start PointsBetting through the 'The Revis betting academy'

Through a well constructed video accessible on all platforms, ex-Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis sheds light on the 'Wild ride' that is PointsBetting, whilst throwing some helpful pointers your way.

The customer support complements the advice and guidance side of things. Should players have an issue then there’s live chat and email support available day and night and an actual human voice (who’d have thought it) on the other end of a phone between 8am and midnight.

Loyalty program

Players receive one rewards point per dollar on a fixed odds wager and per dollar won or lost on PointsBetting markets. The status of your points and upcoming rewards can be tracked easily on the “rewards” page. Whether you're a fan of such programs or not, it's good to know your investment will be rewarded every now and again.

PointsBet - The Final Word

A refreshing alternative to the traditional US sportsbooks and with its roots Down Under, Pointsbet is breaking with tradition and winning many new fans with their innovative approach to sports betting.

Unlike any sportsbook in the U.S

Attractive and intriguing is its high-risk, high-reward type of wagering, Pointsbetting, which rewards players with more money the more they are correct; quite a contrast to your standard fixed-odds bet then!

The company's Australian origins mean its betting options are naturally complemented with markets for rugby, soccer, and Aussie Rules football, in addition to the typical 200+ markets you can expect to find for each and every NFL AND NBA game.

Early days it may be for the newest kid on the block but with former NFL All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis and NBA legend Allen Iverson on board as brand ambassadors, it won’t be long until Pointsbet are mixing it with the big boys of the industry.

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