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Online Casino Bonus

Rank Bonus Turnover Free Spins 

100% up to $250

Turnover: No requirements

Free spins:


$30 in FreePlay

Turnover: No requirements

Free spins:


Free $10 on sign-up

Turnover: No requirements

Free spins:


Free $25 on sign-up

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Free spins:


100% deposit match up to $1000 & $25 in FreePlay

Turnover: No requirements

Free spins:


Online Casino Sites FAQ

Which is the top-rated online casino?

Without sitting on the fence, this is a difficult question to find an answer for. I mean, we’re all different and so what you enjoy, compared to another player, will vary. Are you wanting to play a particular game? Do you need a specific payment method to fund your account? Maybe, customer support is something you rank high? It’s almost a given you’ll find the site that best caters for your needs!

How do I set up an account at an online casino?

Setting up an account is usually a straightforward process consisting of two main parts: entering personal details and an accepted means of payment. You’ll also need to come up with a username and password to access your account but that takes care of itself. Providing your details are sufficient the process shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

What is a welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is an incentive used to attract new players to sign up with a site. The bonus tends to be a monetary amount given by the company or a number of frees spins. The player can gain a valuable insight into how the site works, as well as profit financially.

How do I know if a casino site is reputable?

You can only be guaranteed of a site’s legitimacy if online casino gambling has been made active in the state you reside. Currently this number amounts to three. We’re only interested in reputable sites and will be continuing to add those becoming active as a result of more states becoming regulated.

Do all online casinos have the same games?

Generally speaking, you’ll find most casino sites try and satisfy everybody with a wide-ranging offering of the most popular casino games. Less common games such as Craps and Baccarat may not be included on every site however.

What is a wagering requirement?

A common term used when it comes to welcome offers, a wagering requirement calls for a player to wager a bonus certain number of times before the money becomes withdrawable. A wagering requirement of 20X for instance, indicates the bonus need to be played twenty times. You may also hear it referred to as a ‘play through requirement’.

Which banking methods can I use?

The majority, if not all, online casinos will provide a method of payment you are comfortable with using to move funds. Evidently, not all will have the same but you can expect the following to be offered on a frequent basis: credit/debit cards (VISA/Mastercard); e-wallets (Paypal/Neteller/Skrill); Western Union; E-check.

How do I collect winnings from an online casino?

The exact process of withdrawing money from your account varies from site-to-site and your preferred payment method. Payout speeds can range from 1 day to 4 days while there may be a minimum withdrawal amount set by the casino operator. Providing the same method to withdraw is the same as the one used to deposit, the process should always be a simple one to initiate by simply clicking the ‘Withdraw’ button.

Online Casino Sites in the USA

Contrary to popular belief, Online Casino sites have been active in the US for several years. Delaware and New Jersey for instance have had sites live since 2013.

It’s true that online casino gambling isn’t a thing in Nevada however with the state opting against harming casino gambling in the traditional sense (i.e Vegas).

A fair reason as any not to, we’d say. But with Nevada the exception, it does beg the question as to why more states haven’t made more of an effort to roll out a regulated online casino industry.

Let us familiarize ourselves with the online casino industry in the U.S as it stands.

New Jersey

  • Online casino gambling: ✅
  • Legislation: Introduced 2013
  • Regulated by: New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

Interest in NJ Casino gambling is expected to flourish throughout 2019 and beyond now sports betting is also in play. Offering close to 600 online games, few have performed better than Golden Nugget in NJ who remain a level above fellow competitors Betfair, Virgin, Caesars, 888 casino and SugarHouse. With some of the leading sportsbooks looking to house sports betting and casino games within one app, as well as new faces trying to force their way in, there's every liklihood of the landscape in NJ changing.


  • Online casino gambling: ✅
  • Legislation: Introduced 2012 (first in the US)
  • Regulated by: Delaware Lottery

It almost defies logic that a state with a population of under one million patrons should be responsible for kicking things off in both industries; having been the first to launch online casino gambling back in 2012, DE have recently added sports betting to its offering. Leading the way in terms of profit, they’re not though, unsurprisingly. That said, underwhelming figures to start with have improved year-on-year on its three online offerings.


    • Online casino gambling: ✅
    • Legislation: Introduced 2017
    • Regulated by: PA Gaming Control Board

    It has taken some time but online casinos wagering will soon be a thing in PA. Casino operators had eyes on developments in Pennsylvania early doors but the market hasn’t always been an appealing one given its incredibly high tax rates, astronomical in comparison to NJ. It’s thought PA will generate an estimated $400 million in tax revenue from the first five years alone.

    Who’s next?

    West Virginia

    • Online casino gambling: 🔜 (Will be limited to five, one for each of the land-based casinos)
    • Legislation: Expected to be passed 2020
    • Regulated by: WV Lottery Commission

    Should, as expected, legislation that authorizes online casinos be passed in West Virginia, we will be looking at a serious player of the online gambling industry. At present, only two states have legalized both sports betting and online casino gambling - New Jersey and Pennsylvania. WV aren’t too far away from taking its place at the top table of US gambling by launching its second piece of online legislation in as many years.

    Golden nugget mobile caisno

    Golden Nugget is the 'go-to' casino when it comes to online gambling in NJ

    How to Choose the Best Online Casino

    The online gambling picture is currently a slow moving one with your ability to use an online casino currently dependent on where you reside.

    At the time of writing, only residents of New Jersey and Delaware can play casino games legally, while Pennsylvania are on course to roll out sites from the summer 2019.

    But whether you’re one of the lucky ones or waiting eagerly by your laptop for legislation to be passed, it’s wise to know what makes a good casino site.

    Here, we’ve filtered through the key factors for you to consider:

    • Only use regulated sites

    We take it you’ll want your monies transferred upon winning, right? Well, this isn’t a guarantee of many offshore gambling sites who are known for not honoring wagers. To avoid being scammed yourself, sidestep any gambling site that isn’t regulated within state jurisdiction. You can check out the safe and secure sites available in your state, here.

    • Does the site feature your favorite game?

    There’s no limit to the games an online casino can house - at least this should be the case. State-of-the-art technology means your favorite game, be it Blackjack, Roulette, slots, is readily available. But first, make sure to have a good nose around to see if the site meets all your needs first - you don’t buy a house without having a look inside first, do you?

    • Does the casino cater for mobile gaming?

    Chances are you’re going to want to play your favored game on your mobile phone. Fortunately, most online casinos you’ll come across will have the graphics, payment facilities and gaming speed in built to make it possible for you to wager on the go. It’d be rather foolish for an operator not to make online casinos accessible via a mobile device considering its influence in moving the gambling scene at supersonic speed. With this in mind though, there may be casinos not yet up to speed so it’s important to investigate prior to committing.

    • The more payment methods the better

    We say this because, as a customer, you should be able to deposit and withdraw funds via your preferred means. Not everybody is comfortable using their bank card to fund their account. Equally not everyone is acquainted with what an e-wallet is or uses bitcoin. You may even want to limit your spending with a prepaid card.

    An online casino with depth to its payment options, i.e Mastercard/VISA, Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, eCheck, Western Union, Bitcoin, through online, offline, in-person or over-the-phone wagering should be the minimum ask of any online casino offering in fairness.

    • Are the customer support options sufficient?

    Whether the casino of your choosing lives up to its billing, there’s likely to come a point you need a query answering. And it’s important the online casino is able to see to your needs at all times. A reliable Live Chat facility will see you able to contact customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this is what you should be looking for first and foremost. This way, no matter the time, day or night, help will be on hand through a real person.

    As with any online offering, casino sites are inclined to direct you the way of FAQ, Live Chat and e-mail before suggesting you call them but don’t let this stop you from picking up the phone if your issue needs investigating further.

    • Know your types of casino bonus

    As a new player to a casino site, you hold all the cards. Amid strong competition, sites will rival for your custom and entice you to sign up by offering the very best bonuses. Bank on a crowded market with a whole range of various offers to choose from.

    Casino Bonus Types

    Introductory bonuses within the casino industry exist in many different forms.

    • First deposit bonus

    The one bonus you’re likely to come across more than any other as a new player. Also referred to as a ‘welcome bonus’ a player needs to complete the registration process and make an initial deposit, before becoming eligible. It’s an offer you can only take advantage of once per casino site, hence the name.

    100% deposit up to $100

    You'll find first deposit casino bonuses offered 'up to' a certain amount.

    For instance, 100% deposit bonus up to $100.

    Here, you're required to make a deposit of $100, which will then be matched with a bonus of $100. This will give you a total of $200 to play with initially.

    • No deposit casino bonus

      Before risking your own money, you can play ‘on the house’. Such an offer, often displayed as a Free Money bonus, comes about simply by creating an account. No deposit needs to be made initially, hence the name. But what will you find is a number of conditions that have to be met such as high wagering requirements and withdrawal limits, some of which can prove tiresome!

      • Free spin bonus

      New players who enjoy slots should ensure they check out slots-only promotions, aimed with just slots players in mind. A free spin bonus provides new players with a set number of spins to be used to play the slots at that particular online casino. As with the bonus offers you will find offers that require a deposit and others that don’t.

      The offers aren’t just limited to new players though. Existing players are also catered for:

      • Reload bonus

      From time to time, a casino will reward committed players by adding to their deposit amount, albeit at a lower percentage than new players, so less than 100%. Usually, depending on the casino you can expect to see reload bonuses offered on a weekly basis or to coincide with a big event.

      • Free play casino bonus

      You tend to this type bonus if a casino is trying to drive interest in a particular tournament. A free play bonus comes with a time frame in which it needs to be played or a playing limit which carries a maximum amount that can be wagered. If and when either expire, you will need to make another deposit.

      • Loyalty bonuses

      With the competition as intense as it is, sites are beginning to realize the importance of retaining custom, as well as attracting new players. As such casino companies are rewarding loyal customers who have been an active customer for a sustained period of time (between six months and a year) with a free spin bonus or a ‘monthly match’ bonus.

      • Referral bonus

      Tell your buddy, a family member or somebody at work about how good it is at your casino and, providing they go on to create an account, you’ll be rewarded personally with a percentage of their first deposit. The refer-a-friend style of bonus is worth exploring but don’t be surprised to come across strict wagering requirements for you and your referred.

      NJ casino loyalty program

      Sugarhouse's loyalty program iRUSH is one of the best in New Jersey.

      Read ALL the terms and conditions

      Hands up if you’re somebody who risks not reading the fine print for fear of wasting five minutes of their life? The likelihood is, you’re not alone. But when it comes to bonuses, we’d recommend knowing the terms of the offer on the table.

      Why? Well, while the offering of bonuses come at the cost of the casino, they’re not out to lose heaps of cash on you making money from the bonus.

      It's no secret that sportsbooks are out for you not to win. The offer will always include a set of terms and conditions that must be followed if you are to stand a chance of winning.

      We make a sense of a few for you:

      • Wagering requirement

      A “play through requirement” or a “rollover” as it’s commonly referred to also, calls for the player to wager a bonus a certain number of times before the money becomes ‘hard cash’. You can expect to find a wagering requirement displayed as a number, followed by an X, for instance, 20X, 50X. This indicates the bonus amount must be played this amount of times before you can even dream about the bonus becoming withdrawable funds.

      • Free spins

      In order to promote a new game or simply draw in new players, casino will sometimes offer ‘free spins’ for a slots.

      A Free Spins No Deposit bonus serves the same principle as a no deposit bonus in terms of the player testing the game, without having to part with any cash. Often, there are no string attached giving you license to withdraw winnings without having to consider any requirements first.

      Deposit Bonus + Free Spins

      In the case of a Deposit Bonus + Free Spins a player will receive the typical casino bonus, say 100% deposit bonus up to $100, but with spins as part of the package too.

      How the free spins are presented tend to vary from casino to casino. You could be free to play them all at once but it’s not uncommon for them to be spread over a period of time with 50 spins divided into 10 up front and the other 40 dependent on real money deposits. Taking into account the varied manner in which the offer can be put across, it’s all the more important to read through each individual set of t’s and c’s.

      How to choose the best online casino: recap of key factors

      1. Only use regulated sites
      2. Does the site feature your favorite game?
      3. Know your types of casino bonus
      4. Read ALL the terms and conditions
      5. Does the casino cater for mobile gaming?
      6. The more payment methods the better
      7. Are the customer support options sufficient?

      Creating an online casino account

      Right, you’ve put the ground work in and, by now, you should have an online casino site in mind. Time to sign-up!

      You should be guided through to the account set-up page upon after clicking ‘create account’ or its equivalent.

      The process shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes in truth, so long as you have all the necessary information to hand.

      1, Submit personal information

      Here’s a checklist of the standard personal information you’ll require - nothing out of the ordinary as you can see.

      • Full name
      • Address (including state and zipcode)
      • Social security number
      • Date of birth
      • Mobile number
      • Email address

      Alongside this you’ll need to come up with a username and a password to log-in to your account - this should be unique to you and for your eyes only.

      Why do sites require my social security number?

      A common ask. Basically, casinos are viewed as financial institution by the US government and so need to abide by strict regulations which helping preventing money laundering. To see they do this the name, permanent address and social security number of a new player must be provided.

      2, Select preferred payment option

      Ok, the engine is running but your account will need fuelling with money in order for it to function. You can do this through various means, providing the casino caters for your preferred method of course.

      The following are the most popular and available at the majority of online casinos, if not all:

      Credit/debit cards

      • VISA
      • Mastercard
      • American Express

      Hands down the most reliable and universally accepted payment option has to be VISA with Mastercard rivalling them for the tag of top dog and not far behind. Both are tried and tested and are renowned for offering maximum security. Given its exclusivity you won’t be surprised to hear of Amex not being accepted at every casino site. Having said this, you certainly know if the site you’re using is the real deal if such a well-respected payment option is available.


      • Paypal
      • Skrill
      • Neteller

      The popularity of e-wallets has increased to see added competition in the shape of Neteller and Skrill. Despite this, Paypal remains the favored choice having held onto a large part of its customer base. Not as popular but still maintaining a presence, Neteller is available should you already be familiar with their service. Skrill on the other hand is highly rated as one of the more convenient payment options as a result of its previous life as Moneybookers.

      Bank Transfer / Offline

      • Western Union
      • Bank wire
      • E-check

      Should sending money offline be your preferred means or the only one available, then there are still options aplenty. Bank wire allows for a transfer to be made from one company to another using your local bank and Western Union works in similar fashion with the potential to fund your bankroll via telephone and in person at a Western Union center. E-checks, now widespread across many online casinos, function the same way a paper one does, albeit, it must be said, a little quicker!

      Casino game guides

      Not much comes close to the bright lights and electricity of Vegas but playing online is the next best thing and, for many, even better than the real deal.

      The variety of games on offer, all of which carry numerous bonuses and promotions, far eclipses what can be found at brick-and-mortar casinos.

      Besides, what’s better than swapping the suit for slippers and playing at your own leisure be it morning, noon or night - we wouldn’t recommend one after the other however!

      Expect to find the same games you would at your regular land-based casino with (online) slots and traditional games like Blackjack and Roulette always available. Craps and Baccarat can be played too.

      Below you will find some of the more traditional games:

      • Blackjack

      A timeless classic, you’re bound to know the rules if you’re not a player yourself from watching films and the like. Essentially, the game sees the player compete with the dealer in trying to get to 21, without going over course. Various online versions can see some diversity in how the game is played but as a game with one of the smallest house edges among table games, its popularity stretches across the board.

      • Roulette

      If you had to paint a picture to best represent a casino, we’re sure it would be of a little spinning wheel that houses the game we know as Roulette. With its origins in France, the wheel consists of 38 numbered pockets with alternate red and black pockets and one single green zero. The idea is to correctly call the precise location of the ball spun by the dealer, betting on the final pocket being red or black, odd or even, between 1-18 and 19-36. These account for the most common and some of the easier wagers but a whole host of bets are available in truth making it favored by new and experienced gamblers alike.

      • Slots

      Played by the masses, slots are the backbone of any casino regardless if it’s location. If you’re a newbie it’s probably best you stick with the 3-reel slots but that’s not to say you can’t enjoy your fair share of beginner’s luck, after all winning on the slots is purely luck based. In every online slot game, the destiny of your game will be decided by a Random Number Generator (RGN). The computer component used to provide a combination can be likened to the random element involved in rolling a dice.

      • Craps

      Which moves us on nicely to a game based solely on the roll of the dice. Players must wager on the outcome of each roll of a pair of dice and whether it can be matched. It’s a game that requires a fair degree of understanding and possibly a couple of sit throughs, before playing for real.

      Other popular games you may discover on your travels include Bingo, Baccarat, Keno and Caribbean Stud Poker, all of which can be found in the United Gamblers Guide to Casino games.

      Land based casinos vs. Online casinos

      We are faced with endless choices as consumers and that exhaustive list now extends to the world of gambling too.

      The launch of online casino sites in 1996 means you now have the option of where you want to wager. Is it going to be the bright lights of a casino or the comfort of your office? Or even your sofa come to think about it. Let’s consider the differences between the two:

      Land based casinos

      There’s plenty to enjoy about a visit to a land-based casino. The dressing up, the buzz, the socializing, the celebrations that come beating the dealer - even the disappointment of a loss can be glossed over with the perk of a free glass of something.

      The whole experience really is one to savour. Not to mention the benefits likely to be offered in the shape of free accommodation and free buffets in order to lure you back into the casino or indeed keep you playing.

      Such temptations could easily be dressed up as negatives too though. It’s easy to be caught up in the excitement of it all which can lead to playing for longer than you’d planned originally or result in a lack of focus on the game in hand.

      There’s also the location of land-based casinos to consider. Some casinos aren’t too much of a hassle to get to but many outside the city’s main border or perhaps in another state entirely can contribute toward unnecessary costs and loss of time.

      Las vegas casinos

      There is certainly no shortage of iconic casinos along the Las Vegas Strip.

      Online casinos

      No such problem getting to an online casino, I think it’s safe to say. No need to dress up or make small talk with that guy you don’t really get on with either. In fact, you need not leave the comfort of your sofa. Required only is a mobile device/laptop of some description and a fast and reliable internet connection.

      You won’t be offered a trip to the local buffet as at a land-based casino but you’ll certainly have a fair share of promotional offers to encourage you to sign up and keep playing.

      Free online casino bonuses can range from something as small as $10 to as big as $500 depending on the site

      It’s an offer that can be taken up at a time that suits you too. Unlike the typical opening and closing times of a physical casino, no such restrictions come when gambling online. Be it 2.00 in the afternoon or 2.00 in the middle of the night, you can play round the clock. There’s also no need to look at the diary as online casinos are open for business 365 days a year.


      How you gamble is entirely personal. Everything that comes with a trip to a casino may suit one person as equally as it being the worst nightmare of somebody else.

      Clearly, the thrill of an ‘actual’ casino cannot be compared with. But it depends on circumstances and also your objectives for gambling. Are you out for a good night or are you out to try and make money?

      There’s no saying which is better or worse but with online gambling in such easy reach - literally in our pockets - it appears more and more of us will be choosing to trade in the shoes for slippers.

      History of Online Casino Gambling

      It’s fair to say, online casinos set the ball rolling in terms of online gambling overall.

      The Beginning

      Microgaming and CryptoLogic are probably still arguing to this day regarding who exactly was the first to market. But in truth, their respective products, The Gaming Club and InterCasino, played significant roles in developing the technology required to power the games we play and financial systems we use to process transactions today.

      Even now, Microgaming is one of the most trusted software providers and more than likely to be the operator behind your favourite online casino offering today.

      InterCasino, meanwhile, is a renowned name within the online casino world given its status as one of the longest-running online casinos in the world.

      Neither would’ve been able to function if it had not been for the Free Trade and Processing Act, though. The bill, passed in the Antigua and Bermuda, granted licenses to companies wishing to provide gambling services online and, in many ways, initiated matters to begin with.

      Growing signs

      The formation of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in the late 90s paved the way for more and more companies to gain the gaming licenses needed to regulate online casinos. This extended to other forms of gambling too and before the millennium had arrived, the online gambling industry as a whole was hitting record levels - over 200 websites generating revenues of over $830.

      But this was nothing compared with what was to come with the explosion of the internet and giant steps forward in technology.

      The turn of the century witnessed the number of people playing on online casinos games soar to an estimated 8 million.

      With every year bringing more advancements in technology, smarter devices and the ability for more players to access their favourite games, the industry has continued to boom.

      USA online casino

      Gambling by the masses

      With more and more betting operators seizing the opportunity to get involved on a lucrative industry, the market increased further with many operators setting out to become the biggest and the best.

      Not only did added competition this increase the options for customers, the overall standard of the industry evolved almost monthly with added features added time and again.

      Progressive jackpots, slots based on tv shows and multiplayer games are just a few of the reasons why and how numbers soared and continue to do so.

      The future

      With graphics you’d expect to find in digitally animated films being applied to games and making a casino as true-to-life possible, the future is clearly online and mobile wagering, whether you’re a traditionalist or not.

      It’s almost inevitable the $1 trillion mark will be passed going into the next decade, a landmark that will confirm the online gambling industry as the fastest growing market in the world.